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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Hot Guys Wrestling isn't like some of the other sites I've seen with nude dudes getting their wrestle on. You won't find any of those super pumped-up musclemen covered in oil for one. Instead, these are fresh-faced, slim, athletic guys struggling to come out on top of one another.

Actually, "come out on top" could be written as "cum out on Top" because after they're done proving who dominates whom, the scenes on HotGuysWrestling often end with some mutual masturbation and cumshots. In at least one instance, the guys actually butt fuck in the middle of their match.

There are about 60 videos and they can be downloaded in a Windows Media format that provides average-quality playback. The complete scenes last from 5-15 minute and the shorter ones come in single file while the longer ones come in a few clips. You'll find 50 sets of high-res pics, but you won't find any Zip files for them.

The models tend to be wiry or slightly slim. However, they have well-toned bods. When they start the wrestling, you'll see how strong their biceps and thighs actually are. They're mean and lean, but their privates don't always seem too ample, especially when it comes to those who don't fuck during their matchup on the mat.

In fact, many of these fellows might be straight, because they're really not blatantly aroused by the horseplay-cum-foreplay the way some of us would be. You often have to wait until the end of a scene when they're about to cream by their own hand before you see their little uncut "showers" turn into impressive "growers."

I should also mention that there were some navigational issues at times when I switched between the photo and video sections. I ended up having to use the back button instead of using the section buttons as sometimes I got a page error.

The site is rather pricey and there aren't any bonus sites to speak of and even if we assume that updates are weekly, it would take a lot justify the cost. In the end, the exclusive site  Hot Guys Wrestling is sexy and has a unique concept, but it's too expensive for what you get.

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