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By: Rabbit
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The Dirty Old Man gives you a different perspective of the mature fetish. While most sites focus on mature women, this one sets out to have the roles reversed: an older man screws nubile gals. Mike is over 50 years old, but many guys half his age pray to have a libido as active as his.

As you can deduce from the sitename, the kink is not just his age. Mike isn't a sweet grandpa, but one sick mofo, hence the title TheDirtyOldMan. He isn't satisfied until he has fucked these babes senseless. From freaky anal sex to fisting to bizarre insertions to facial cum-blasts, Mike delivers it all! For some reason, his thick British accent makes it even more perverted.

There are 118 videos available of beautiful and innocent gals getting fucked by this freak. Some of the videos can only be streamed, but most of them can be downloaded as Windows Media and QuickTime Files. An MPEG option is often offered as well. The quality of the videos can vary a lot. Some border on being unwatchable and others offer stellar-quality playback.

There are many sets of vid caps, but only 52 sets of photos. The pictures tend to be a little on the small side, but you might enjoy them all the same. Unfortunately, you can't download the sets in Zip files, so if you want to save some to your computer, you'll have to do it one image at a time.

It looks as though the website hasn't updated in a while and to make matters worse, the next update appears to be scheduled for January 1, 3000. Since the wait might be a long one, it's good to see that as a member you get access to the entire Sweet Members network of sites.

Sado Slaves, Pee Lover, Jake Busts Nuts, Abraxxa Porn, Fisting Lessons, Miss Pain, Butt Cam, Max Hardcore Porn, Sweet Loads and It's Just Chocolate are just some of the additional websites that you can enjoy. These aren't some crappy feeds, but high-quality sites filled with exclusive content. Video and photo feeds are also available. 

The Dirty Old Man offers a novel approach to the mature niche, while at the same time containing all the kinkiness characteristic of this network of sites. However,only those with a really strong desire to see the old guy do his thing will bother to sign up for a membership because the cost of joining is a little expensive considering that the website isn't getting any bigger.

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Latest Comments

  • Comment by: DOM for Pres

    Score: 88% Date: 12/25/2011

    I like the blonde Bailey on the site that gets taken anally by the Dirty Old Man. I saw a layout of Bailey on Karups, does anyone know anu other sites that feature her?

  • Comment by: Shave Cream

    Score: 80% Date: 11/19/2011

    There is a very pretty athletic teen named Shira that is jogging in the park and gets picked up by the Dirty Old Man. He takes a shower with her, shaves her cunt, then takes her anally. Does anyone know any other sites that Shira has appeared on? She's from Vancouver

  • Comment by: alainek

    Score: 40% Date: 11/14/2010

    watch out there is no full length download option only by clips divided by four or five

  • Comment by: gavin whyte

    Score: 8% Date: 04/24/2010

    This site is great the videos are good quality and sound the only thing i don't agree with is the old men in it that wouldn't turn anyone on i think the young woman in it is amazing and boy would a love to fill her pussy up !

  • Comment by: Kelly LaFalopian

    Score: 55% Date: 01/20/2010

    If you can't decide by watching the samples then don't buy into this site. Its poor content, download quality, poor scripting, awkward, badly designed. I like this genre but I just thought I had wasted money on what I could have spent on renewing a better site. Crap!

  • Comment by: bill

    Score: 5% Date: 03/30/2009

    links that go nowwhere, lots to script.