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When I'm not attempting to satisfy my thirst for hardcore pornography, I like to learn about things, like different parts of the world and the people that inhabit them. For example, did you know that there are 1.13 billion people in India, making it the world's second most populated country? With all those people, you can rest assured that somebody is watching someone else at any given time through a hidden cam. Luckily, we can enjoy the product of all this sneakiness on Indian Hidden Cams.

The thing about India is that it is also home to a very diverse cultural demographic. You have people from all over the world and they are given an equal opportunity on IndianHiddenCams. While the bulk of the site's content deals directly with Indian men and women, hidden cams are unbiased and will film people of any culture or nationality.

For the most part, you'll see fun, hidden-cam-style action that looks quite realistic. There are also some scenes of chicks by themselves or couples, where they're looking directly at the camera. About half the clips feature Indians and the other half feature Indian dudes with white women, white couples or some Chinese people. Altogether, there are over 4,500 videos. It looks like you get more, but keep in mind that some scenes are actually a series of clips.

The quality of the videos varies quite a bit and there are several different formats, though only one is available per vid. You'll find vids in Windows Media files, MPEGs, MP4s and even some in 3GP files. It turns out that although some offer good-quality playback, many are average in quality and there are even some poor ones in the mix.

One thing about hidden cam sites is that you're usually dealing with lower-quality stuff, but it actually helps with the realism of the content. Since the action is caught on hidden cameras, there are no pictures here. However, the majority of scenes come with a few screen caps.

They seem to maintain a solid daily update schedule and extras include hundreds of videos. Most of the time, two updates are added per day, but there are days where a bunch more material is added at once. You should also keep in mind that some of the content is nonexclusive. If you like hidden camera porn enough to look past unimpressive quality, then Indian Hidden Cams is worth a look.

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  • Comment by: ravi

    Score: 95% Date: 10/10/2012

    Almost every single indian sex scandal is available. I am pleased with this site membership, quality is not good but still good one.

  • Comment by: Adams

    Score: 5% Date: 01/24/2012

    Boring action with low quality. Cancelled after 1 day. :(

  • Comment by: Karan

    Score: 94% Date: 01/22/2012

    Very good site you recommend to me Rabbit! Pleased with content I received to full fill my sexual desires!

  • Comment by: top_lad

    Score: 100% Date: 12/01/2011

    Top site... keep up the good work

  • Comment by: vijaya

    Score: 80% Date: 03/31/2011

    finest clips ever scene.....keep it up ........

  • Comment by: kerumama

    Score: 100% Date: 11/22/2010

    i just love IndianHiddenCams with aewsome quality stuff... nice review as well

  • Comment by: arunsynd

    Score: 86% Date: 09/29/2010

    supeeeeeeeeerb sex erotic busty babes

  • Comment by: dola manu

    Score: 9% Date: 09/11/2010

    just a quick tour on those hidden cam before purchase

  • Comment by: kami

    Score: 92% Date: 08/03/2010

    nice site for desi porn lovers

  • Comment by: vibhav

    Score: 100% Date: 05/08/2010

    very fine i also intimate to number of my friends all are satisfied u said free but u r asking money why? tell me free sites of indian

  • Comment by: Gauruv

    Score: 86% Date: 10/20/2009

    Dude, you have got old review specially images you have got it here. You need to update this review. I can personally count 250+ videos. Quality varies but very good stuff to get attracted and very good effort from site owner to keep member for longer time period. Recommended.