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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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Although I enjoy watching porn scenes that end with a gooey facial, I also enjoy a nice sticky creampie finale. The only problem is that it is a little hard to get both in the same scene since they both take place at opposite ends of the babe being fucked. However, on Anal Slurp you can get both, because each scene has two chicks in it. Clever, isn't it?

After signing in you'll find yourself on the network's homepage. To get to all the AnalSlurp material all you have to do is pick this site from a drop-down menu. Next to that list are two more that will allow you to search by niche (amateur, big cock, brunettes, etc.) and by model, but these filters are for the entire network.

What you get here are scripted scenes. A dude happens to run into two women wherever he goes and in the few movies I checked out, the babes always happen to be looking for lingerie. As luck would have it, the guy has a lingerie store (or a few samples at least) and it is with those that he lures the girls back to his place where he ends up banging both of them, busting his load in one of their asses and watching the other one lick it out.

The hardcore sex is good and dirty, although the actual ass-creampie slurping is a bit disappointing. In the scenes I watched, the licking chick licks around the asshole rather than really getting in there and eating the jizz as I had hoped she would. Also, in at least one scene the camera cuts before the creampie and then cuts back to what looks like a fake creampie with a load of "cum" oozing out of her asshole.

There are 35 videosand each one comes with a set of high-res pictures. The vids come with three download options, but go for the highest. It might take a little longer, but the quality is good. No new content been added since 2009, so I'm inclined to think there's no more cumming coming.

Your membership comes with 12 other Pack Of Porn bonus sites, including Anal Petite, Anal Stretched, Rimbledon and Creamed On Glasses. These sites are also high in quality and a few of them have good ass fucking as well.

In the end, Anal Slurp has some nice content to enjoy, but on its own it will only be worth a look for a limited time. The network will be the reason you stick around.

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