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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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All American Heroes sounds more like a toon site than a straight-up gay porn site. It is dedicated to the men in uniform who serve America in the army, by fighting fires or by serving on the police force. Unlike some similar sites, the scenes here not only feature masculine hunks jerking off and sucking cock, but you'll also see guys fucking ass.

The 324 videos on AllAmericanHeroes are a mixed bag. The older updates are noticeably lower in quality than the current ones and come in several formats that are mediocre at best. However, the more recent content has improved and you can expect high-def playback in many cases.

You'll see guys jerk off in front of the camera, suck cock and, in some cases, there's hardcore anal penetration. They do it all in front of a wall hung with the American flag. While those colors don't run, these dudes do cum.

One of our surfers doubts the veracity of the claim that these dudes are actively serving as firefighters, policeman or military personal and figures they are merely former members of those services. Personally, as long as they look the part I think it's easy enough to fantasize that they're the real deal. Appearing in uniform could get them into some seriously unsexy trouble.

You can also check the studs out in 324 photo galleries, but the quality varies greatly. Some pics are small and others are slightly blurry. You might even think they're vid caps in a couple of cases. Most of the newer sets have high-res photos and each set can be downloaded in a Zip file.

There are no bonus sites, but supposedly new scenes are added once a week. There's a decent amount of existing content, so the average rate of updates doesn't seem too bad and there are some extra videos and pics to enjoy in the "friends" section.

It would be nice if they would either repost the old stuff in better-quality files or pick up the pace on adding new scenes. All American Heroes offers some hot porn, but the newer material is considerably more appealing than its archived scenes.

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  • Comment by: Armydawg

    Score: 60% Date: 05/22/2013

    I am suspicious of sites promising cops, fire, military etc when rarely do they deliver actual guys from those jobs. I feel that way about this site, likely fakes or formers, why not have some show up in uniform and you can blur out the distinctive patches, etc, until then this is just another run of the mill site promising something it is probably not delivering.

  • Comment by: Jim

    Score: 65% Date: 06/14/2010

    I like the site but there is not that many up dates so I just join it now and again to up date on my favorite guys. I wish there was a way of seeing the up dates without joining.