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Melissa Koznuk 

By: Melissa Koznuk
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Heroes and heroines are usually in charge of saving the day, but sometimes they face their nemeses too. Well, on HIP Comix, HIP stands for "heroines in peril," but the peril they are facing is usually of the sex and bondage kind. Sometimes they're placed in prisons, other times they're just tied up, but either way their safety is always in question.

If you ever whiled away the hours of the day reading your favorite comics, perhaps you wished that some of your favorite heroines found themselves in perilous situations. In one issue on HIPComix, I saw a computer-generated bombshell trapped inside a science lab's small cell. Of course, she's completely naked and her taut body and huge boobs are the stuff of a comic lover's dreams. It's no wonder that this site was named the 7th Best Bondage Site in the World at the 2008 Bondage Awards.

You can watch as these superheroines get transformed into the perfect biodroids right before your eyes by some machine's evil tentacles, or as jailbird beauties masturbate or seduce one of the prison's guards. Storylines on this site vary considerably, as you can see, but one thing is for sure: No matter which of the approximately 444 comics you choose, you'll have access to some sexy toons that'll raise your internal temperature a few degrees or so. The comics are made up of multiple pages that contain high-res images.

If you are only looking for comic book issues with a sexual side, then you'll likely be pleased with the content and its variety of themes. However, if you hoped to find a few movies thrown in, you're out of luck as the site offers no videos and is likely not going to add any to the mix. As well, the layout means you'll have to rely on your browser's back button an awful lot.

However, the lack of movies doesn't mean that you won't have access to anything extra with your membership. There aren't any bonus sites, but you do have access to a few things that might be interesting to true cartoon and comic enthusiasts. First, there are a few tutorials from some of the site's artists available in PDF format that detail how you can customize costumes and give you tips on lighting tricks and advanced costume design skills. You'll also be able to participate in the forum.

If you are truly interested in comic porn and want to be able to design your own someday, then HIP Comix will provide you with a lot of bang for your buck. Updates seem to come five times a week and there's already quite a bit available to you already.

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  • Comment by: Big John

    Score: 90% Date: 09/14/2008

    Lots of sexy superbabes + hot stories + tons of images + decent price = a thumbs up from me.