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Here's the thing about this site. This may actually be the last time these chicks get laid. Some of the oldest broads I've ever seen get deposits in their proverbial coin purses on Her Last Fuck. In fact, they're be more likely to be standing in line at the supermarket counting their change and coupons or writing someone a check for five dollars than going down on some lucky stud.

Now, of course, it's impossible to say whether or not this would actually be HerLastFuck, but from the looks of these older women, it's a very credible statement. In fact, these chicks are so old that most of their birth certificates are probably written in hieroglyphics. These broads are so old that they probably have sand in their cracks before they even get to the beach. Anyway, you get the idea. They're really old.

How they managed to convince these old ladies to do the nasty with these fellas is anyone's guess, but I do have to say that most of them seem grateful for the attention. I guess when you're locked up in an old folk's home any kind of attention is nice.

This site has 71 episodes of grannies getting their groove back. There are three different qualities of videos to download, the best one being a stellar-quality Windows Media format. They don't have any streaming videos. They do have two lower-quality versions that will download a bit faster. There are no pictures, just vid caps.

One of the videos I watched featured a horny old gal who looked like she hadn't been laid since Prohibition. I'm sure it must be scary for someone who used to ride in a horse and carriage to get to town to be filmed by a video camera, but she did an excellent job of getting some lucky stud to cum all over her wrinkled face.

There was another episode of an older gal with pendulous breasts in a bra that looked like she made it out of doilies who took on two lucky guys and managed to get them off before nap time. An honorable mention goes to the granny who pulls out her dentures before giving a guy a hummer. Kudos!

The price is a bit higher than most sites charge, but there are 19 bonus sites that feature some amazingly perverted content. There aren’t any more grannies, but the content can best be described as mega-hardcore in sites like I Love You Mya, Attack My Ass and Fuck My Flab.

Her Last Fuck is a little expensive, but it does go above and beyond when it comes to delivering niche content. With the amzing quality, bonuses and some of the most unique fucking I've ever seen, a membership to this site will turn pretty much any frown upside down.

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