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We've all seen the hot chicks that are hired to enhance your enjoyment of car shows. Personally, I feel like the only purpose they serve is to be one more reason for a guy's wife or partner to try to keep them from going to the car show, but nevertheless, there they are, shaking their asses and squeezing their tits together in the skimpiest outfits possible. Seriously, who can concentrate on vehicles anyway when there are Car Show Cuties around?

I like CarShowCuties as much as the next guy. I love cars, but I'm much more interested in poontang, which is why I'm the guy hanging around and trying to look up skirts instead of under the hoods of cars. I'm sure you'll agree that it's nice to be able to enjoy chicks like this in the comfort of one's own home where you can give yourself a little self love.

Currently, there are 36 sets of pictures and seven movies of babes at car shows, races and even some bike shows. I say currently because I'm generally obligated to do so, but in this case it might not matter so much. There haven't been any updates to this site for more than a year, so I wouldn't expect them to start adding any new content any time soon.

The pictures are high-res for the most part, but the videos leave a lot to be desired in terms of quality. There are two formats available for download. You can try the barely average-quality Windows Media format or you can download the horrendous-quality Real Player files. You can also stream the movies in an embedded player in your browser window.

As for the women on this site, you'll see a real mix here. There are the kinds of chicks that you'd expect to find at car shows. There are always some absolutely gorgeous models, but from time to time you'll find the kinds of chicks that you'd be more likely to see dancing in a strip club on a Tuesday afternoon. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

There are good and bad parts to this site, but one of the good parts is definitely the eight bonus sites that you'll get access to with your membership. You'll get to see Cuties At The Beach, Drunk in Clubs and Partying At Mardi Gras in the bonuses. There are also some links to video feed sites, but not one of them is working.

The quality is disappointing and there are no more updates. As much as I like cars and cuties, Car Show Cuties isn't worth your time or money.

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