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Updated on: 07/16/2015

Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
Number of Reviews: 1120
Average Score: 64

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  • Kelly continues to post three new videos to her site every month, but it's been quite some time since she last posted new pictures.

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Whoever thinks that marriage makes for a dull sex life hasn't seen the action on Housewife Kelly. This may be an amateur site in the sense that Kelly does this for fun, but you still get a damn good ride.

I know the gimmick behind all amateur sites is that the people are doing it for the love of what they do and not what they earn. I'm sure that half the time it isn't true, but the babe on HousewifeKelly is either a fantastic actress or she really does love sex and crave cum. In either case, I'm hooked on this superhot nymphomaniac. Seriously, some gals are just so good that it only makes sense for them to go pro.

The members' area takes you right to the videos and the menu bar at the top of the page will direct you to the pictures, live cam schedule, bonus videos and feeds. While the site looks good, I did have an issue with the lack of features, as there's no way to filter out or search for anything.

The 323 movies don't offer a streaming option, but most come in Windows Media and MP4 formats (some can be downloaded as 3GP files as well). Initially, you might not realize just which formats the flicks come in. This is due to the awkward way in which the download links are presented. The links to the downloadable Windows Media files are marked "low speed" and "high speed," but they look like labels for the two MP4downloads (or the MP4 and 3GP downloads) that are listed below them.

It probably sounds a bit complicated, but once you're inside the site, it's pretty straightforward. What's more important to know is that the MP4s (once you've found them) turn out to be superior to the usually average-quality WMVs. In fact, many of the newer videos come in good-quality MP4 files.

The videos are all smoking hot regardless of their playback. Kelly gets fucked hard by a range of guys and her husband gets to bang her and receive awesome BJs constantly. There are also plenty of lesbian scenes and FFM threesomes, with some videos long enough that they need to be split up into parts.

Most of the scenes end with the gorgeous Kelly taking a load on her face and once you see how hungry she is for that sticky treat, you'll know how much she enjoys all the hardcore action. There are also 205 sets of high-res pics as well as vid caps and bonus photos galleries from her gal pals.

Most scenes are accompanied by a long write-up that describes the action and gives a bit of a backstory. Nice touches like this, as well as Kelly's long bio and frequently updated blog, add to the warm amateur atmosphere. You also get streaming video feeds, videos from other chicks and wallpaper. She also does a weekly cam show for members and has a cam show network available, so that you can also enjoy watching other babes perform live.

A new video gets added to the site three times a month and with the amount already available, you're definitely getting your money's worth, which is especially true when you consider the lower monthly rebill. Housewife Kelly offers some awesome material and is a truly enthusiastic, sex-loving amateur star. This site is an easy recommendation.

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  • Comment by: Anonymous

    Score: 100% Date: 03/10/2015

    I don't know man Kelly's site to me is top notch in the amateur dept. She deserves a higher score. So many of these girls come and go and Kelly had remained strong and true after all these years. Kudos to Kelly and her husband keep up the good work.

  • Comment by: Jake

    Score: 95% Date: 07/04/2014

    I'm shocked Rabbits gave such a low score. Kelly has kept to her amateur roots and doesn't even try to compete with these fake mainstream girls. Kelly updates a lot and man he's gettin better with age! Keep on suckin girl!

  • Comment by: toekn

    Score: 80% Date: 09/04/2011

    Pretty fun site -- Kelly is cute and obviously loves what she does, which is lots of enthusiastic [even sometimes passionate] fucking and sucking with her husband and many of their friends. Camera work could be sharper [get a better camera Shawn!] but downloads are in the 100Meg range and still look pretty good for amateur stuff. Content is good and varied, but you can still download about everything in a single month.

  • Comment by: Jerry

    Score: 100% Date: 05/26/2011

    This girl is a real beauty and you can tell she is a lot of fun and has real orgasms and enjoys sucking a shlong!Anytime I email her she always response, I'm a huge fan of this one!

  • Comment by: Jerry

    Score: 100% Date: 01/26/2011

    This girl is down to earth and real and hot! Her and her husband do a fantastic job!

  • Comment by: Reddogs

    Score: 95% Date: 03/22/2009

    She is a big turn on. I go back every couple of months. Can't get enough of her. Videos are amateur, but that works.