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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Like ink from an artist's pen, Maxi Manga should get your juices flowing. Be careful where you point it, though, because you don't want to white-out too much of the screen with your load!

MaxiManga is an enormous site that is only matched in size by the gigantic dicks and boobs these talented illustrators draw. I truly felt happily overwhelmed by the sheer volume of toon porn on the site and with 1,902 galleries, you can understand why. There are no videos.

The content is spread out over eight different sections of the site: colored manga, B&W manga, exclusive comics, exclusive toons, toons, comics, hentai and arts. Throughout these areas you'll see softcore and hardcore images featuring the ever popular doe-eyed chicks dressed for class, famous superheroes, tentacle monsters, video game characters and a whole lot more. For the most part, the pictures look quite good. They aren't all high res, but the art is really nice with some smooth lines and hard bodies.

Some of the nonexclusive manga consist of stories you've definitely seen elsewhere, meaning they're the hottest and most well-known hentai series ever made. For example, you'll find the complete Alice In Sexland series, which for those not in the know, is pretty much the hottest fantasy (as in fairies and stuff) and BDSM hentai ever drawn. Meanwhile, the artwork itself is simply stunning and very graphic. If you haven't already read it, you'll definitely want to check it out. Meanwhile, if you have, it's one series you'll want to read again.

Naturally, this means the number of photos can vary quite a bit from one set to another. However, you can normally expect to see an average of 20 shots per gallery.

One unfortunate thing about the site is that you can't download the various galleries in one fell swoop in Zip sets. Instead, you'll need to save the many pics one by one if you intend to store them on your computer. It'll take some effort and patience, but the end results will be rewarding.

In addition to all of the toon content, there's a whole lot of bonus material to check out. There are erotic stories, e-zines, hardcore photos of flesh-and-blood people fucking, animated and live-action videos, flash vids and even an online version of the Kama Sutra.

A few notes to keep in mind: There is so much to see here that you'll need to be ready to spend a fair amount of time online if you want to even start to put a dent in seeing it all. The graphics have to be clicked individually and, as I stated before, they can only be saved individually. Another issue that you should be aware of is that updates seem to have ceased, so don't expect to see anything new being added to the website anytime soon (or pretty much at all, for that matter). Maxi Manga has its problems, but I think that toon lovers will find enough to like about it to justify a visit to the site.

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