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Updated on: 07/26/2015

A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
Number of Reviews: 1179
Average Score: 66

Since we last visited WifeysWorld...

  • The new design looks great.
  • The site has grown by about 80 videos and photo sets.

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Wifeys World is "home of the web's most well endowed, orally obsessed, horny housewife and MILF." You can tell that Wifey and her "Hubby," as she refers to him, enjoy what they do. Their archives go back to 2003 and they don't look like they have any plans to stop any time soon.

WifeysWorld has gone through a redesign since our last visit and it looks great. They now have seperate video and photo sections and navigating the collection is a breeze. I found 517 videos with many of the scenes in HD. You can both stream and download them. Many of the 511 photo sets have high-res images. When you click the thumbnails, they pop up in an embedded display and you also have the option to download the sets in Zip files.

This mature Wifey is definitely orally fixated and she proves it in her movies. Not only does she love to slurp up load after load of creamy jizz, but she also loves facials. Wifey and Hubby also do a lot of roleplay where Wifey dresses as a teacher, a Dominatrix, a college coed, a nurse and many other fun characters. They aren't the best actors, but their enthusiasm really makes up for it.

This MILF prides herself on never faking an orgasm and you'll definitely feel as if you're witnessing the real deal each time. In all the videos I watched, if she didn't cum during sex, then she got herself off really hard afterward with a vibrator. I'm glad she's updating every 5 to 10 days.

For sample content from other websites click on the "friends" link. She also offers her members a few MP3 sound files and erotic stories, complete with images. A cartoon section is also available and contains exclusive titles, such as "Wifey's Misadventures" and "Dr. Wifey - Sex Therapist." You can also read her blog.

From her natural 36DD's and sexy body to her roleplaying and oral fixations, this well-endowed lover of sex will keep you coming back for more. Wifeys World provides you with a world of content that's worth checking out. Watch out for that daily download limit, though.

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  • Comment by: moosh

    Score: 90% Date: 04/08/2015

    One of the most stimulating women on the internet. Wifey exudes beauty with and without clothes. I think she should have guest Hubbys every now and then. Her Hubby can still do the filming, but a variety of partners would be good for the site. Overall - A+

  • Comment by: Horny4Wifey

    Score: 85% Date: 02/19/2015

    she needs to do anal! and other dudes! her hubby is lame!

  • Comment by: anitelu

    Score: 100% Date: 02/10/2015

    Hello i want to join this website please
    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:02/11/2015): Hi, anitelu. I sent you an email.

  • Comment by: Adrian

    Score: 50% Date: 12/16/2014

    It appears Wifey's world or the Wifey's world store are no longer in service. I tried to buy the Wifey Classics DVD collection but showed server error and their customer service phone line is no longer in service. I don't know what is going on with that site.
    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:12/17/2014): Hi Adrian, I sent you an email. The site is working fine and we were able to access the store and get to the billing page. We'll contact WifeysWorld and try to get this issue resolved for you.

  • Comment by: Anonymous

    Score: 100% Date: 11/26/2014

    She is very beautiful and sexy.

  • Comment by: jamal

    Score: 50% Date: 07/31/2014

    she needs to spice it up some, like taking some big black dick for a change while Hubby films.

  • Comment by: Ed O'Neil

    Score: 30% Date: 11/07/2013

    Just subscribed after 2 years. Vids are still the same, so they fall under the OKAY category. But pics are crazy small! 1080 x 768 is NOT hi-res these days [under the 2013 folder]. Wifey needs to make her pics a helluva lot bigger. Very disappointed.

  • Comment by: TonyB

    Score: 100% Date: 09/13/2013

    I agree that Wifey needs a good camera man and their dialog and plots are quite lame, but she is definitely hot and does things that virtually every man would love his wife/girlfriend to do. The fact that they are monogamous is definitely hot, though I would love to see Wifey getting into some serious intimacy with another woman.

  • Comment by: Seattleman

    Score: 100% Date: 08/31/2013

    I've been a Wifeysworld Member since the first day that they opened in the 90's, and I'll be a member until the last day that Wifeysworld exists. If they start another site, I'll join that one too. The most beautiful woman, with the most irresistible personality, and the most perfect breasts, on the best Amateur Porn Web Site in the Internet.

  • Comment by: Adrian

    Score: 90% Date: 06/25/2013

    In the 90s & early 2000s Wifey's world was the best soft-core porn site on the net. Wifey is hot, busty, unique, & she gives great hand jobs. Today, wifey is showing her age & the content is rather the same & boring. I still love Wifey but I wouldn't pay to see any of her new content. I would stick with watching Wifey content scenes before 2007, especially before 2003, those scenes was really good.

  • Comment by: rawxxx54

    Score: 70% Date: 01/15/2013

    Con: This site does impose daily download limit.

    Half of the scenes are in multi-part brief mpgs that are virtually unwatchable.

    Pro: Most recent 200 are in high resolution wmv or mpg single files that are of very high quality. The sex is tame but she often swallows.
    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:01/16/2013): Thanks for the comment, rawxxx54. We're in the process now of confirming the download limit and will update accordingly.

  • Comment by: TinkerToy

    Score: 90% Date: 01/10/2012

    Amazing that this woman can look arguably better than when she started (and she looked damn good then). Although the action is similar from week to week the quality is excellent. Her slender body, big tits and nipples are jaw dropping. I've never seen a woman on video who is so enthralled and eager to make a cock shoot it's load and then eat it. It's not for everyone maybe but I've been coming back for over ten years and am never disappointed. If you like cum swallowing and facials you'll love it. If youre looking for a lot of other activities (anal,footjobs etc) this probably aint your cup of tea.

  • Comment by: Allan

    Score: 20% Date: 12/24/2011

    Boring. Unless you like to see a couple do the same thing day after day year after year this sites not for you. Years ago I purchased there first couple of tapes and was disappointed then. I joined recently thinking things might have improved. Nope not a bit. How many times can you watch the same woman take a load of cum on her face or in her mouth. I could not find any actual pictures only screen shots which I don't care for. The fucking is lackadaisical at best. Watch the video about and you've seen everything there is to see at the site.

  • Comment by: Wash Doubt

    Score: 10% Date: 12/17/2011

    Wifey was unique and fresh in the 90s, but she is stale and not aging well. The formula hasn't changed in 15 years, with the addition of some actual fucking where Wifey is about as exciting as a dishrag. She does give a good BJ, but she was a one-trick pony and that schtick gets old and wornout very fast... (edit) Stick to the stuff she made in the 90s - that was good for its time.

    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:12/19/2012): Comment moderated

  • Comment by: Firefly

    Score: 97% Date: 11/11/2011

    Wifeysworld is a authentic and believable website!

  • Comment by: riztar

    Score: 10% Date: 11/03/2011

    Whats up with a aging blond (was milf turned Gilf?)doing with weird camera angles and really shaky POV vids. Sure I understand they just get your cash and run but jezz give us some good vids. I did a one time thing payment back 08 and looks like most of the content hasnt changed . for real good stuff check out kelly! btw Wifey do something about your rings under your eyes,they are making you look haggered.

  • Comment by: blkkok4wf

    Score: 75% Date: 10/05/2011

    I'll admit that I'm biased. I'm a sucker for blonds and huge, natural tits. Plus Wifey seems to genuinely enjoy her cock sucking duties. The site is updated pretty regularly too. But I'd have to agree with the others who say that the content can be a bit boring. As much as I like big, bouncing titties and a good cumshot, Wifey's videos are pretty much all the same. And, since they shoot their own stuff, all of the footage is either awkwardly placed tripod shots, or shaky POV work. I like Wifey. I think she's gorgeous. But her content is lacking. Whatever you can glean from any free preview sites is more than enough to get what she's all about, without having to pay for it.

  • Comment by: Jon

    Score: 50% Date: 06/12/2011

    One word - boring. Sure, big tits, but after that she's like watching wall paper dry. No personality. If I just wanted to watch giant tits flop about, I'd check out NatGeo. Their "formula" is the same in each and every video, if you can believe that. Husband fucks her, she finishes him off with BJ, then she uses a vibrator to get herself off. Cute smile though. Girl next door looks. But geez, for the $$, you'd think she'd work on her "stage presence".

  • Comment by: mike

    Score: 96% Date: 11/07/2010

    Awesome lady ! super sexy and a true doll not only pretty and the best chest on the web but a very sweet nice lady to chat by mail .will respond as soon as she can . updated once a week with photos and viedos and under 20 bucks what else could you want !!!!!!

  • Comment by: CarlJ

    Score: 90% Date: 10/27/2010

    Been a member of this site for several years. Continues to have the most genuine "intimacy" of any site I've seen. Won't appeal to those into hardcore anal, etc. But if you're into seeing a totally hot MILF next door that obviously loves sex (especially oral) this site cannot be beat. Wifey is still drop dead gorgeous with the nicest tits on the web. Wish they had an easier way to download images, that's the only drawback to me. Highly recommended.

  • Comment by: Jake

    Score: 15% Date: 09/27/2010

    Wifey. She wasn't bad, big boobs and all, but it's tedious. If you're close to 50, you might like her better, clear photos reveal that she is indeed aging (tired looking eyes, and such). Certainly, there is far better...

    With all the free-to-access sites now (fantasti), there isn't any need to actually pay to join any porn sites -as if there ever really was. It's a rather outdated idea -it's people fucking, not working ..guzzling your money, while they leisurely guzzle something else, LOL. No one I know has paid one dime for any porn in 2 decades :)

    With the free, collective amount of porn on the web, you can sample a nearly unlimited number of photos/videos and find EXACTLY what you want to see...the raw stuff, where you can hear each little sound, up-close, the most attractive women...more enthusiasm, etc. With this approach, you not only can find duplicates of whatever some have already paid for, but you can surpass it.. by being proactive (in whatever way you choose, real sex, for example)..

  • Comment by: Badboys

    Score: 88% Date: 08/29/2010

    Wifey is the perfect wife. She has a perfect body, big tits, nice ass, nice face and nice legs. She absolutely loves swallowing cum. She swallows more than anyone else on he web. What amazes me is that they have three children who are in their teens or older now and yet they continue to do this.

  • Comment by: andy

    Score: 100% Date: 04/10/2010

    Just joined the site , content is excellent. Updated weekly, no download limits and it is pure amateur sex. No partner swapping, just husband and wife. I could not fault the site and it was very quick and seems to get better and better with time. Also a fair price for a lot of conten.

  • Comment by: SunnyCalGuy

    Score: 90% Date: 03/01/2009

    Wifey is one of the most beautiful women on the Net! Aside from the incredible sex, her beauty and personality are what attracts me most to the site. While short on variety, the intimacy, reality, and monogamous nature of Wifey and Hubby's relationship are enough to maintain my membership!

  • Comment by: jl

    Score: 65% Date: 02/02/2009

    A big disappointment - lame picture quality, camera work and action. Very little variation between the different scenes.

  • Comment by: captclip

    Score: 90% Date: 11/05/2008

    She's pretty damn sexy. The blowjob and handjob vids that feature closeups of her face are killer. Might be good for a month, 2 months tops, unless I get addicted!