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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Broke Straight Boys

The classic hetero-turning-gay theme is what drives the scenes on Straight Guys Are Broke. Not only do these fellows supposedly not have cash, but apparently they also quickly dump any sexual hang-ups they may have for money.

I'm not judging anyone. It's simply amazing to see how desperation leads a man to go gay-for-pay to get out of his financial dire straits. On StraightGuysAreBroke, fellows who claim to have never done it with another dude strip out of their pants to suck and screw another guy, so they can line their pockets with some money.

The site has been completely redesigned and there is far less content than before. At least it's much better in quality than it used to be. There are 20 videos, but now they offer great to stellar-looking playback. That's a vast improvement from what was offered in the past.

I appreciate that, unlike some hetero-to-gay sites, we're not stuck seeing butch dudes jerk off by themselves. It's hardcore all the way for the men to earn their pay here.

Despite what some of them say, it seems rather clear that they enjoy getting their sex on with another man. Who can blame them? These gays are so hot that it's not hard to understand why they might be seduced by them, with or without the cash incentive.

There are some interracial scenes where straight white guys take on some hung ebony fellas and that's really impressive. I don't think I'd be offering up might tight, virgin butthole to be deflowered by these thick rods. All the same, they open up their anal rosebuds for exactly that purpose.

The 20 photo galleries now contain high-res images. There's some variety found among the models and a few different age ranges are represented. You'll find a couple of hairy guys in addition to the many smooth-skinned ones. There are even some Latinos in addition to the ebony studs and white guys.

The bonus section has been pared down to 14 full-access bonus sites, including Cock Dockers, Do Me Bareback , Internally Gay, Gay Snowballs and Gangsta Gays. Some of these sites have overlapping content, but there are enough of them that the material doesn't show up more than once. Plus, there are over 70 video feeds to explore.

Currently, new stuff is being added once every two weeks. Straight Guys Are Broke is a relatively small but super-quality site.

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  • Comment by: john rybold

    Score: 85% Date: 09/10/2010

    went to a friends house watch it for a first time was a great videos i'm straight my friends bi wish i could get a job doing that since i lost my job a month ago but to the company closed due to the economy any one know how someone can get into this i'm 45 here let me know thanks