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Updated on: 03/25/2016

Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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Rabbits Reviews Rise Award Winner

The Training Of O gets its name from a well-known book about slave life called "Story of O." It has been translated into a website dedicated to the training of female slaves by skilled Master James Mogul and others. The shoots cover a number of areas of training, such as teaching these ladies how to maintain their composure while enduring torture. For his skill and control when dominating his subs, Master James won the RabbitsReviews Best of the Web 2010 Most Dominant Master/Mistress award.

The slave also gets practice in honing her skills on how to get boned on camera, suck cock and eat pussy. All in all, she must learn to be convincing in her role as a completely submissive woman. The exclusive content on the TrainingOfO will impress you with its true-to-theme BDSM. Like many of today's reality TV shows, you even get the models discussing the events of each day in a video diary.

There are 446 videos and you'll find that many come in HD formats. Older ones are still at least good in quality for the most part. You can download the movies in a format that will work well with your portable devices, too. You'll definitely feel as if you're seeing the whole development of training, from bondage to suspension to torture to ass fingering to clit licking to blowjobs to pussy-pounding penetration.

The 446 photo galleries capture the action in large sets of pics that recount the progress made in frame-by-frame detail. You can download the high-res images in Zip files. There are detailed write-ups explaining any previous experience each model has in the BDSM field. It is also stated what training tactics are going to be used as a result.

This and the pics give you a great idea of exactly what these submissive slave wannabes have to endure. What it took just to earn their stripes from a determined Master. In some instances, two Masters or another sub are involved in the process. Occasionally, some slaves don't make the grade and leave before their education is complete.

You get a link to a behind-the-scenes site that shows you the production side of several sites from the same network (you can check it out even if you don't have a membership). There is a members' forum too. Feedback is encouraged in a comments section directly below each scene and new content gets posted weekly. You can sort the material in different ways, but be aware that navigating through the material is a bit of a pain, because it's spread across a bunch of pages and you can't jump to specific ones, aside from the first and last pages.

Perhaps the most exciting feature is that you can watch live shows. Sometimes it might be a special presentation, while other times you're simply watching the filming of an actual new scene for the site. This feature is simply one more reason that I heartily recommend that you join The Training Of O.

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  • Comment by: RobMBA

    Score: 90% Date: 06/10/2012

    I have joined this site on several occasions, and I cannot complain about the material offered. The training of Princess Donna and the two with Cherry Torn have been my favorite so far, though the new Lesbian Training of Ariel X is very hot as well. The one issue I have with the site is that each girl trained is done so over 4 or 5 shoots, and it can take three months to see all4 or 5 days of training posted. It is a site you monitor until everything for the girl you are interested in has posted, unlike some of Kink's other sites where each posting in unique.

  • Comment by: dr-sahir

    Score: 100% Date: 05/26/2010

    i love bondage brutal bdsm xxx[...]

  • Comment by: Rosemary

    Score: 100% Date: 12/17/2009

    I fully enjoy this site! I think the content is great, the models are wonderful, and the creativity is on top. I love the setting and I love that there is a 'realistic' twist to it (such as seeing Bobbi Star breakdown and Tom scooping her up, reassuring her, and gaining her trust) so you feel as if you're really watching a true training session and not 100% scripted, over the top porn. I love that there is a sexual side to it and also a non-sexual side, leaving you satisfied in the D/s sandwich provided for my hungry eyes.

    Any cons? Well, I'm not there and that is a major con! :P I know that the rating bullet says to watch out for '100's, but I'm genuinely happy with the site as of now and, again, as of now can see nothing that would tempt me to rate anywhere below a 100.

  • Comment by: Lolman

    Score: 100% Date: 11/12/2009

    Quite simply, I love this site. It's got some excellent quality, and now you get access to some very interesting 'upper floor' content as well, including live shows.

    Cons? The sound isn't always so great, and like mspag64 said, some of them look a little weird...

    But then again, in the BDSM crowd, who DOESN'T look a little weird?

  • Comment by: kingsnake

    Score: 100% Date: 07/06/2009

    Site has High Def Videos with Varying Audio at Times. Some Women Appear to be more like Models than Actual Submissives. The scenes appear well done. There is Enough Verbal Domination Present. There is the Right Amount of Reward/Punishment. I am uncertain what the Young Lady in the Previous Review was talking about. Judging from the screen name, I would say she is an old lifestyler who has been eaten up with bitterness and is watching her life unwind as no one wants to fuck her anymore. Love the Site and the Videos. Keep them Coming.

  • Comment by: mspag64

    Score: 65% Date: 05/24/2009

    The guy running the site makes snotty comments about you on the forum, even though you're paying for his site. The main actor now is actually named Maestro, notable for his laughably small "baton" and his tendency to slap and yell at women. Obviously, he doesn't know the difference between domination and abuse. Add to this another abusing oddity named Tomcat, who may be female, may be male--it's impossible to tell for sure. There are some good rituals, and some hot action, but too much random caning and face slapping for no reason, and too many freaky-looking people.

  • Comment by: asmith12

    Score: 90% Date: 04/16/2009

    Lots of psychology play. One of the best maledom/femsub sites out there, in a sense an 'advanced version' of Sex&Submission.