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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Many sites claim to film their action POV, which if you're unfamiliar with the term means from the point-of-view of the one of the participants. At Sexy POV, they definitely live up to their name as they really do seem to film every single scene from the cameraman's angle.

First, the babe enters and does some solo posing in front of the camera lens. Then she gets on her knees to suck the camera operator's cock, or lets him fuck her until it all ends in a creamy cumshot on her face, pussy or butt. It seems loads of willing women have signed up for the chance to do hardcore with some faceless dick on SexyPOV for all of us lucky fans.

The 170 videos are downloadable in several formats. You can stream and download low, medium and high-quality versions in partial or full-length files. However, you're probably going to want to go for the super full-length version, which can only be downloaded before viewing and offers great-looking playback. The Flash streaming formats look very good as well.

The scenes last 15 minutes or less, so even these best-quality full-length clips don't take too long to download, if you have a decent Internet connection. I can tell you that the content isn't all exclusive. How much of it is or isn't, however, is harder to tell, but saying most of it isn't exclusive is probably accurate. Remember, though, that it does all fit the POV niche, whether it is exclusive or not. 

There are about 160 or so sets of pictures. Most of the episodes have pics, while all of them have a set of vid caps. They call the pictures high-res, but they aren't. They are clear and average size, but not even close to high-res. The photos do allow you to preview which of the ladies you want to ogle first and pick whichever one you most would like to imagine is there in front of you, before you watch her go down on a rather nondescript penis that could be pretty much anyone's.

There are 13 bonus sites, such as Boobs And Bottoms, Foxy Black Butts, Solo Butts, Tug And Suck and Bubble Butt Tryouts. These sites are part of the same network and have the same high-quality downloadable vids. Then there are the 39 other sites that have good-looking streaming movies and finally there are the 4,000 streaming DVDs. 

A sticky point here is that no new content has been added in about eight months. Nevertheless, Sexy Pov is definitely worth it, if you don't mind some nonexclusive content.

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