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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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Celeste Fox was young when she got married, so she didn't really have many sexual experiences before meeting her husband. One day they were talking about how she felt she had missed out on some fun and a new swinging Celeste was born. Gone is the Celeste website that had a distinct interface of its own, though. Now her content has been integrated into the Solo Slut Girls Network, so joining either site gets you all of the same material.

Although it brings you a sleeker design, I have to say that the navigation ends up being the pits as far as trying to find Ms. Fox's content. At first you'll think that it's easy enough to select her thumbnail from the "network sites" section, but in the end, although that will redirect you to her model page, you will only find a fraction of her content there. You need to do a basic (not advanced) search for "" and then you'll find most, if not all, of what she's got on tap.

Now, it appears as if she's still adding new content (three vids in the last 30 days), but there aren't many more videos now compared to the last time we were here and there's one less photo gallery. The setup has changed so much that I can't be sure if it means that she's moving around the existing content or if she's sometimes adding new material, but then removing older posts.

At any rate, there are 54 videos and 109 sets of pictures that cover all kinds of diverse action, including fetishes, masturbation sessions, lesbian encounters, group sex, etc. You will be able to enjoy all facets of this swinging amateur's sexual proclivities. The vids come in some or all of the following formats: 3GP, Flash, Windows Media, MP4, MPEG, AVI and QuickTime. You can expect excellent-quality playback in many instances, but there are some higher and lower-quality flicks that are still worth your while.

You're supposed to be able to stream in all those formats too, but some of them don't work (you may need to have a specific player installed on your computer) or they have to load before you can skip ahead. Like the videos, the photo sets show Celeste in a variety of situations, from stripping to masturbating to threesomes to outdoor flashing. They look great and there are 50 to 100 large high-res photos per set. You can download them in Zip files if you want.

A membership includes access to other network sites, including Claudia Marie, My Foot Jobs, Solo Slut Kelly, Freaky Punk Ass and X Rated Wife. Keep in mind that some of the individual model sites also have their content blended into the mega-site. Others times, when you click a link, you will be taken to a completely separate members' area. There are other bonus sites, too, so it's an extravaganza of extras here.

It's easy to recommend Celeste Fox as a performer, but the redesign of her site isn't great. After all, with high-quality content and sizzling scenes, her collection has got a lot of potential, but it takes too much digging around to get to her scenes and they don't seem to be growing much in number despite recent updates.

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