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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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When I was told that my next review was a site called Meat Holes, I started to wonder if maybe Rabbit's Reviews was changing the site to include cooking sites as well. Man, was I wrong. In fact, for some who are faint of heart, it might turn you off eating. They have these chicks do some nasty things. The sitename implies that the women are being completely objectified, but from the smiles on many of their faces, such so-called objectification seems to lead to real sexual satisfaction.

I always think it's weird that if a gal is into really kinky sex, she's made to sound like some sort of desperate pervert. Nothing on MeatHoles is any stranger than it is intense. Most people who really like sex will try anything once just for the rush of a new experience. It's not degrading at all. It's empowering and exciting when your sexual adventures know no limits.

There are 68 videos and that's almost 40 less than before. Content is still being added, so maybe they're reformatting and re-adding older scenes. At any rate, you can download the vids in Windows Media and MPEG format. Only two have full-length versions and a streaming Flash option - the rest come in clips. Playback quality ranges fromaverage to good.

Each scene is a lesson in hardcore at its raunchiest. These gals are rough-handled and even called names. They are choked, slapped and do whatever the guys want, feeding their insatiable lust. Most of the scenes I saw were two guys on one babe, but there were also quite a few one-on-one scenes and the cameraman sometimes gets involved in the name calling.

You can preview each scene in one of the 68 photo sets, which is one good thing that came out of the redesign, because before there weren't any pics. One set definitely piqued my interest and got me watching the corresponding video straightaway. It has a slender honey getting some tough loving from a dude and another lady. They choke her, slap her, toss her around and try to fist her. They even spit on her face, but that only leaves her cheeks as wet as her pussy.

Currently, updates are two weeks apart, but that's after a long period with nothing being added. There are 53 full-access bonus sites, including Cock Brutality, Frank Wank, Midnight Prowl, No Cum Dodging Allowed and Anal Lick Fest. There is also a section of extra DVDs, but all their links are broken. Meat Holes is for anyone who loves nasty, raunchy hardcore action and its bonuses make it even more enjoyable. 

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  • Comment by: Rob

    Score: 85% Date: 01/25/2009

    Awesome site with some extreme pounding action, BUT, the site requires you to allow them to automatically re-bill your account each month, so I had to leave it. Other than the 'auto-billing', it's a good site for about two months until you've seen everything.