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Pee Asian

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Pee Asian

'Visit 'Pee Asian''

*This site is closed.* Watch sexy Asian babes peeing. All very cute and erotic - there are no golden showers or anything extreme here.

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This site is closed.

Review done by Rabbit

Published Sep 18, 2004

Pros and Cons

  • large amount of content
  • downloadable video
  • average-quality video
  • no bonuses
As the name suggests, Pee Asian specializes in peeing hot Asian babes. Mostly young girls fill the members' pages, all of them very cute. I must warn you though that this site doesn't feature golden showers. Rather, it presents the girls peeing in bowls, vases, toilets and other containers. The presentation is very softcore, focusing on the girls and their natural shyness, as they wet themselves.

In the last couple of years or so, it has undergone an overhaul of sorts it would appear. I would describe it necessarily has a complete improvement based on the previous misgivings of the initial review since although on one hand organization has improved by allowing models to be browsed by thumbnail pic rather than merely a numbered dropdown list. Sorting out the pissing pictorial from the non-pee related posing ends up being a chore. Let me explain further.

The good-looking PeeAsian vids are in a separate section of 160 downloadable clips. Now, since it doesn't normally take long to go piss, these scenes are extremely brief, some are under a minute in length while at longest they might last almost three minutes. Let's face it. When you have to go, you have to go and unlike sex, there's no way to prolong the process with a lot of foreplay. You mostly see these ladies squat and leak into various vessels as mentioned in the intro.

As to the pictures, I said they had changed the layout but not necessarily facilitated easier access specifically to pot pissing pics. That's because there are 348 great galleries of large frame shots that closely approach high-res status. These are reachable through a series of thumbnails showing the various models. However, you can't tell specifically which ones are taking a slash and which ones are up to other naughty tricks for their poses.

Some of these Pee Asian pearls pose in uniforms or other suggestive outfits, some of them pee and others masturbate. The softcore photo spreads are all mixed in together so it's impossible to figure out easily, which include the liquid gold as a piss freak you seek. Even if the peeing princesses are the same ones as appear in the clips, since the thumbnails are unlabelled and there are so many added women to sort through, I couldn't find them accept by chance.

Overall, even if the videos are extremely short, that's a limitation of the subject matter, besides they have recorded a ton of them all in a good-quality format. The galleries also offer some diversity besides the pissing perversity with extremely pretty and petite females that seem to come from various Asian nations. For a standard priced site, PeeAsian offers plenty of Asian persuasion to convince you join.

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Customer Reviews

  • By Peppercorn on Aug 07, 2011

    This site has girls with features that other rarely do - almost half the girls have hairy bushes and so many have nice visible clitorises - I wonder if this is a racial thing. I thought it was great. The filming is dire - most of the time the incompetent shooter has no idea how to get the best out of some very delicious models.

  • By the borg on Mar 26, 2010

    Pros: Lots of sexy looking girls if asians are your thing. Don't be put off by the 'pee' reference, probably less than 20% of pictures are of peeing, the rest are regular. Cons: can get a bit repetative, sometimes the site can run slowly. PLUS ;; THE SITE IS STILL OPEN!

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