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Updated on: 07/16/2015

Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
Number of Reviews: 1070
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  • The website is sporting a new design and looks better than ever.
  • Video quality has improved.
  • Saving the photos has become easier, because you can now grab them in Zip files.

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Rabbits Reviews Rise Award Winner

Some chicks are just fit to be tied. If the thought of red-hot Goth/punk gals getting hogtied turns your crank, join the audience on Limited Audience. This is purely a bondage site. There's no nudity or intercourse, just cute babes in fetish or medieval gear struggling to get themselves untied or out of some ankle/wrist stocks.

LimitedAudience has always had a good-looking design, but these days it's looking better than ever. However, it's a bit annoying to browse, because it doesn't have separate video and photo sections. It does have sections for photostories and photoshopped pics, however. Exploring the model index or working your way through the 180+ pages of updates are probably the best ways to discover the content.

Each model appears in at least one photo gallery and most of them also appear in videos. There are about 600 movies right now (some are broken up into parts) and around 1,225 photo galleries. The material tends to have an amateur feel, but there's some good Shibari to be seen and the shoots tend to be well-executed overall.

You should know that the videos are short and typically only last a few minutes. They can also vary in quality, but many of the movies come in one or two HD formats. It looks like you're supposed to be able to stream them online, too, but I couldn't any of the streams to work.

These submissive babes look great as they struggle and strive to get out of their ropes, stocks and gags. There are a number of scenes that have heavy religious overtones (check out Assisted Suicide's crucifixion photo gallery, for instance) that are typical of Goth and medieval art. There's also a mix of indoor and outdoor settings, so you'll find both dark dungeon-like and natural forest-like atmospheres.

Like the videos, the quality of the photos varies as well, so in some instances the pictures look like they were snapped by professionals and other times like they were shot by everyday people. As a rule, the oldest ones tend to look better than the videos of the same era, but everything is getting better with time. Another thing worth mentioning about the pictures is that saving them is easy with the Zip files.

Bonuses are limited to a blog, some altered images of models and celebrities (which you can find in the site's "fakes" section) and stories that come with photos. The images that go along with the stories are pretty hot and they're definitely worth checking out.

Limited Audience isn't a bad site and chances are good that you'll find something you like among the material. Plus, one new video and two fresh sets of pictures get added each week. This large, exclusive bondage collection is worth checking out.

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  • Comment by: Tom

    Score: 60% Date: 07/09/2013

    The most recent videos are reasonable quality HD. There are a reasonable number, and a good variety of locations, girls and different ties. Of course the quality falls off as you go back a few years, but there is enough new material to be worthwhile. Some have some form of plot, but most are just a girl, tied up, wriggling around for 4 minutes. Which is fair enough.

    Navigation isn't bad, maybe a search facility would be good.

    The photos are a total disappointment. It says they are shot with an EOS 30D, which is a decent semi-pro camera. But they are not good photos. Images are blurred, and 1600 pixels is very small these days.

    There is no obvious way to list the photosets in date order. You can't download the photos as a ZIP, which is a real pain.

    If you have tried Restrained Elegance, Shackled Maidens etc, and if you are mainly interested in video, it is worth a look. If you are into photosets, I wouldn't bother.