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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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April showers bring May flowers, so what do Hidden Showers bring? It would seem that they bring out the voyeur in us all as they feature hidden cam footage that has been shot in places like locker rooms and public showers. There's also a bit of footage that shows ladies lounging nude by an indoor pool.

Although it is explained before you sign up to HiddenShowers that the women are all well aware that they're being filmed, you'll have no problem suspending your disbelief as they nonchalantly go about their business showering, shaving and lounging about in each scene. You might see the babes glancing in the general direction of the camera from time to time, but the action is candid enough otherwise.

The website relies solely on its videos, which are more accurately described as being short clips, but are updated daily. There are over 1,531 movies and though they tend to only be a couple minutes long, they can all be downloaded as AVI files. Quality varies, so expect to find a mix of average-quality vids, many good-quality flicks and even HD ones.

You'll mostly see athletic women milling about and talking to one another as they change in and out of swimsuits, shower in open stalls or frolic poolside. They're not really trying to be sexy at all. One chick, for example, shaves in the shower - not only her armpits and legs, but even her arms and other body parts.

I could have used some photos of this action, but sadly there aren't any pics on the site. You do get three vid caps for each clip as a preview, though. Personally, I find the standard membership fee a little pricey given that there are no photos or videos that last more than a couple minutes, but you do get access to two bonus sites: A-Magazine and Private Love.

Some will find Hidden Showers overpriced for what it provides, but others will appreciate the variety of body types and the voyeur sensibility. And there's no denying that the video quality makes this site one worth considering if you're someone who gets excited about watching women shower.

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  • Comment by: Jellicle

    Score: 80% Date: 12/17/2010

    Pros: The quality of the material is excellent overall. There is a long-running series (over 300 videos) from a camera hidden in a shower area used almost exclusively by teenagers, presumably in a school. Priceless. Footage from a Russian sauna and associated showers and tub shows a huge choice of body types. Other locations, mostly the shower areas of public swimming pools, are more uneven in the quality of the material.
    Cons: There is no indexing at all of the material, other than preview pics. Navigation is non-existent. The server is very slow most of the time. It looks like there is only one source providing videos for the last year or so.
    Recommendation: get a short-time subscription and download all the videos that you can.

  • Comment by: msl

    Score: 90% Date: 01/05/2010

    Pro - All natural people, no actresses.
    Con - Wish they would include more hugh tits and full body women instead of editing them out. It would probably expand the amount of subscriptions since that would attract wider audiences that like all different kinds of female body shapes.