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Melissa Koznuk 

By: Melissa Koznuk
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Punk guys need their fix of hardcore, solo and softcore posing and stripping too! Perhaps that's why this sexy Goth took the name Liz Vicious, which rhymes with the name of the Sex Pistol's original bassist. If you know the name in question is Sid Vicious and are interested in a fetish model who likes to fuck and suck cock, then this site is likely the one for you.

From her studded collar and thick makeup, Liz certainly isn't your average solo model. Then again, if you are checking out this review, then you aren't likely the average solo porn surfer either, so the site LizVicious may be a hit with you yet. Not only does the site look good, but also there are plenty of features that you can access easily with the menu. She may be vicious, but she still offers you a user-friendly and well-designed site.

There are 142 movies that you can download in good-looking Windows Media and average-looking AVIs and her most recent episodes include an excellent-quality MPEG download. The iPod option is pretty sleek as well.

One scene features Liz imitating one of her teachers, except that she's giving a blowjob lesson that features stripping, teasing and self-inflicted spanking. Oh yeah, she uses a dildo to simulate the cock-sucking action. Other scenes are solo or hardcore, depending on her mood.

So far, there are 231 photo sets that you can check out. The images aren't high-res, but they are still worth your time to check out. There is also a Zip download option once you've been here for a month.

When it comes to content, Liz offers you a good amount of material, but updating seems to be down to about once a month. Whether she is exposing her body while driving in the car and touching her soft, shaved pussy or getting a little naughty with her mouth, pussy and a hard cock, Liz is one hot gal.

When it comes to extras, Ms. Vicious can be contacted via private messages and she has an archive of all of her past webcam shows. I can't tell if she is still doing them, though. With everything you get and the quality for which this site is known, Liz Vicious is worth checking out for someone interested in a fetish model who doesn't mind slow updates.

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Latest Comments

  • Comment by: Fred

    Score: N/A Date: 08/01/2011

    Total ripoff. She has been retired for several years now and they still use language on the site that indicates she is active and updating. Just another website full of BS from JaymanCash. Do a quick search with that name and Raven Riley. When she left them, they tried to torpedo her by starting rumors she quit. Underhanded site, makes BS claims, and is run by BS people. Sounds like BS to me.

  • Comment by: Sara

    Score: 3% Date: 09/22/2010

    Shit site doesn't update. Not worth the money at all. And the guy in the videos is a small dick emo douchebag. Maybe if she had some decent male talent the stuff would be worth watching. Unfortunately, it's not. Boring porn at its best.

  • Comment by: Shadowzndust

    Score: 9% Date: 11/21/2009

    First of all, she is gorgeous. It'd be worth the money if downloading wasn't such a pain in the @ss. As soon as you get to the site, there is a link to "buy" the movies you just paid for. Some movies you can't download at all, even with an FLV downloader. Others you can download no problem. Of course, the better the movie, the more complicated they make downloading.

    Overall, great site for streaming. But downloading is not worth the effort.

  • Comment by: DrStrange

    Score: 5% Date: 04/24/2009

    I have to say she is gorgeous, and the site is wonderful.. but only for a month. Since I've joined, I have yet to see ANY updates to the pics or videos. I think the site is dead.

  • Comment by: Bob Bruggman

    Score: 100% Date: 03/04/2009

    Liz is indeed worth checking out! And though she may be stringent on things that need improving,so, unlike the typical hard-core gothic rock chick that would just say F**kyou and walk off, she diligently presses and prods to get her point across, and they make their changes, she benifits her fans, as well as to everyone else on this site who isn't her fan. How unbiased is that?