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Updated on: 04/04/2015

A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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  • There are around 150 more videos and 116 more photo sets and they look to be updating multiple times a week.

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It's rare that I come across a site that can get me worked up with only one erotic image, yet Louis de Mirabert does just that. The moment I entered the site I found myself faced with a seductively rich image of female buttocks dripping with the type of eroticism I love so much.

It doesn't surprise me that this isn't the only image that turned me on. French photographer LouisdeMirabert has an eye for sensuality, down to the design of the site. However, although the site might look good, I did have an issue with navigation and the fact that you can only browse the video and photo sections one page at a time. This means that getting to the last page involves a whole lot of clicking that can end up being quite annoying.

I did go through all the pages, though, and counted 268 videos that can be downloaded in their full lengths as good-quality WebM files and as average-quality MP4s. If you'd prefer to stream the flicks, there's an embedded player. Each movie is enhanced with a soundtrack that adds to the slow and romantic eroticism of the camerawork.

There are also 211 sets of photos, each with around 100 images. The pictures can be downloaded individually and these are crisp, high-res shots that will drive you wild. You have to admit that this guy is talented and he delivers a variety of scenarios, from babes posing seductively on their own to playful lesbians to couples making sweet, sweet love.

The content itsn't dated in the video and photo sections, but there's an "update" area that does have dates on everything. And those dates tell me that they're updating every one to three days with a new video (sometimes more than one per update) and the same looks to be true for the photo sets.

I'm reluctant to use the words hardcore or softcore when describing this site since both imply something less refined than the sensual material here. Louis de Mirabert will appeal to people looking for creative and highly charged erotic porn. The website doesn't come with any extras, but the videos and pictures are enough on their own.

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  • Comment by: Nyamogoden

    Score: 95% Date: 12/03/2008

    Truly an excellent site for erotica that is at once arousing and artistic. Wonderfully rendered photos and videos from a professional who realizes the importance of proper lighting and shading. His models are a broad spectrum of European, Asian and African women, all of them strikingly beautiful.