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Zoe Roark 

By: Zoe Roark
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Diary Of A Nanny is a cheeky site that takes you into the private pages of diaries written by working nannies. Peeking and poking around behind the scenes shows you how many ways a nanny can get into trouble or trip up the man of the house.

The layout of DiaryOfANanny is simple enough and it's part of the Naughty America network. Text and thumbnails let you know what's inside each episode and the designers have gone to some lengths to give members options galore for viewing the action. You'll land on the network's homepage when you sign in and you just have to pick this site from the "our sites" section to find all of its material.

There are 61 videos that can be streamed in Flash and downloaded in a few formats, including one that's compatible with mobile devices and a Windows Media option that often offers good-quality playback (the latest three vids are available in Ultra HD). You can enjoy the flicks in their full lengths and also in clips. They last about half an hour.

The 61 photo galleries can all be downloaded in Zip files. There is also a slideshow option, so you can view them online. The images are crisp and capture action sequences as well as closeup details. The one thing you begin to learn about suburban men is that they like a good old-fashioned roll in the hay when they can get it. They sure go for it with these handy on-location nannies.

The content ranges from "Whoops, we're home alone together, let's run amok" to "Can you add condoms to your shopping list and we'll give them a trial run when you get back?" The best has to be the guy intent on breaking and entering who finds himself thwarted by a resourceful nanny. She turns out to be his old flame and what's a guy to do but have one for the road.

The content is exclusive to the network, which means it's also available on some of the bonus sites, like I Have A Wife, Naughty Office, Diary of a MILF and Ass Masterpiece.

The extras are great because Diary Of A Nanny has only updated twice in the last month, which isn't very frequent. Still, the site is worth joining and if all the bonus sites are of interest to you, you'll be kept busy for a very long time.


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