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Zoe Roark 

By: Zoe Roark
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It's a matter of personal taste as to why certain body shapes appeal to different individuals. Vive la difference! It sure provokes a mass of variety in the porn industry, which has benefits for all. However, it's a new one for me to find a filmmaker, like the one on Mature Erotic, whose preference includes shooting sequences from below the subject to create a foreshortening effect that turns bodies into truncated and bulbous shapes. Then he labels it erotic. You just can't account for all tastes when it comes to style.

MatureErotic presents genuinely older women, with bodies beyond the reach of their lithe, fresh contours. These ladies have lost flesh and muscle tone and are now ripe to overripe and deliberately shot in unusual poses and at strange angles. It's possible the bizarre factor is at play here. Maybe the dude just wants to bring further attention to the age of his models by shooting them in such a way as to exaggerate their wrinkles and figures. Well, good for him.

There are 379 videos videos on the website so far and they can all be streamed in Windows Media or Flash format. Four different quality settings are offered, but they still occasionally lack that essential crisp detail needed for viewer satisfaction and a refresher lesson in lighting wouldn't go astray. Overall, the vids offer good-quality playback.

Once you decide this niche is for you, there are two lingering points to worry about. The first is the brevity of the clips. The other issue is the display of the videos, which desperately need to be chunked into categories. Oh, I don't know: stockings, silk panties, finger play – things like that would be preferable to having to scroll through page after page of thumbnails. Something similar would also be useful for the models' photo galleries.

Speaking of the photos, there are 239 sets of pictures for you to check out. The pics tend to look decent despite not being high-res and you can view them in slideshows. Regrettably, no Zip downloads are made available. Another thing you won't find are extras, but there are "bonus" sites, like Cups Club and Nature Underwear, that you can access if you're willing to pay extra when you join the website.

While Mature Erotic is not everyone's cup of tea, there will be many browsers for whom this site is a winner. Is that you? For a hefty trial fee or reasonable monthly membership, you can answer that question yourself. Assuredly, if you have read all the way to the end of this review, you must at least have a rudimentary attraction. Do yourself a favor, check it out.

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  • Comment by: paul

    Score: 30% Date: 12/19/2009

    one of the worst sites i have paid for. what this review does not tell you is that the pictures ( of which there are not enough per set, are of a low resolution & often out of focus ) are NOT DOWNLOADABLE! that's right, you cannot save the pics to your hard drive! ridiculous! the videos are abysmal, they last literally seconds & none have sound. don't waste your money on this dismal site.