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Zoe Roark 

By: Zoe Roark
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Arab Sex City isn't the only Middle Eastern porn site on the internet, but it does claim to have a mega collection of home sex movies. The stats confirm their claims. Interestingly, the site also claims that Arab women have been oppressed for too long and the intimation is that all this porn going on in their own homes will set them free. Now right there you have the ingredients for some good sex viewing and some lively conversation rolled into one.

The stunner with this site is how easy it seems for these regular people to strip and fuck for the camera. Shyness is not an issue and everyone and their dog seems to want in on the action. Aging, paunched men have found a vid cam somewhere and insisted their formerly pregnant wife expose herself for the public. Groups of fun-loving Lebanese or Egyptians lark about in their living rooms capturing their antics on film to spread the vibe.

While this raw footage with real people is in equal parts fascinating and mundane, you can only think that soon the professional amateurs and porn stars will move in and take over, sanitizing the site. Truly, with these home movies outsiders get a glimpse inside the homes of people too often set at a distance. Furnishings, room design, clothing, personal interaction – all of these things are an interesting precursor to the sex itself.

So, let's not delude ourselves. The 317 photo galleries are of reasonable quality. However, many of the videos are of downright poor or mediocre quality.  Nevertheless, you really should take a look at these, especially the 'recommended' category.

A goo dportion of the poorer quality, older WMV vids are grouped in the first three categories: 'The Gulf,' 'Lebanese' and 'Egyptian.' The other three categories: 'Arabian-French,' 'Turkish' and a full file of phone clips are better quality MPEGs. Note that the phone clips are using 3gp format and there are 617 of these, each around one minute in length. In total, there are 795 videos.

Along with some quality problems, the content focus and quality is also a mixed bag, but you will find yourself – Arab or not – searching through this as engrossed as any voyeur. As a launching point, try the 'most viewed' category first.

Arab Sex City has priced itself in the mid-range and truly has no right tountil it features a vast majority of content all with reasonable quality. However, for some, the fascination factor will be strong and a month's sojourn here will be worth the fee.

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