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Zoe Roark 

By: Zoe Roark
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Average Score: 66

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Cathy is a MILF with a mighty big hunger for sex in multiple forms with various partners and numerical arrangements. And Cathys Craving sorts the truly dedicated fun-and-pleasure lovers from the wannabes.

Cathy schedules, films and presents her escapades in threesomes, foursomes and gangbangs. She's done as many as 25 men at once and had over 50 guys cum on her in one evening. She does interracial and lesbian scenes, too, and puts out a challenge to members to email her and get in on the CathysCraving action.

That's right. This chick is horny and organized about it. She travels the country three times a year (with her partner in tow) to hook up with members in other cities and have a bang. Some of these are filmed and end up on the site. She's built a dynamic layout, albeit a little dated design-wise, that's easy to navigate.

That said, it's somewhat difficult to calculate exact numbers because the collection is divided up into sections (creampies, gang bangs, etc) and there are subsections within them. This is nice for getting around, but bad for counting. However, it looks like there are around 1,850 videos and about 1,500 sets of pictures.

The vids are often available for download in QuickTime and Windows Media files and some can also be saved as MP4s that work great with mobile devices. She has been doing this a long time and even though the older vids aren't as high in quality, many of the movies offer great-quality playback. As for the pictures, some are high-res and you can often save them in Zip files and view them in slideshows.

Cathy adds new content almost every day of the week, with either pictures, a video or both. She also makes sure that you've got enough extras to keep busy with while you wait. You can read her diary, check out her bio, take a look at her cam show, contact her over ICQ, peruse user-submitted content, read erotic stories, look through video feeds and enjoy content on other sites, like West Coast Gang Bangs.

The site is definitely engaging and it has earned its stripes over time with its true amateur porn content. Cathys Craving features some of the best MILF swinger sex you will find.

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Latest Comments

  • Comment by: Jon

    Score: 65% Date: 06/12/2011

    I dunno. Site content was fair to good, but if you want to see, ahem, attractive women having a good time, this site won't deliver that. Cathy and her friends are just, at best, ok looking. Not hot be any stretch of the imagination (well, one had a great ass, but a "butter face")

  • Comment by: David 57

    Score: 96% Date: 12/08/2010

    I've never seen a bigger or a better website run by an amateur. I see raw_54 (below) questioned that Cathy avoids cum .. were you at the same site I visited? Cathy is the creampie queen. Some of the other comments below also seem absurb and make me think that perhaps they were put there by Cathy's competitors. All the reviews I've ever read have raved about Cathy's site and I agree with them.
    If there is anything negative about Cathy's site is that she doesn't have a search function .. something needed when there is so much content.

  • Comment by: Lemolo

    Score: 86% Date: 09/23/2010


  • Comment by: p_idol

    Score: 70% Date: 03/13/2010

    Video quality was very good but I had problems with the "Behind The Scenes" atmosphere of most clips, eg. Cathy telling the participants in gang bangs where to put their clothes, or leaving a female partner pondering when it was her turn etc. It looked all too staged, too businesslike and robbed many videos of any eroticism. Someone else wrote that Cathy seems to be "emotionally absent" in a lot of the scenes and that's the impression I got as well. I haven't kept a single one of her videos.

  • Comment by: raw_54

    Score: 80% Date: 09/28/2008

    Lots of stuff
    Fast Downloads
    Frequent Updates

    No heat from Cathy
    She avoids cum?????
    Rare Anal