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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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Don't you wish there was a site that featured a lot of great-quality content of incredibly gorgeous and slutty whores that just love to slurp of big gooey piles of hot, sticky cum? Well, I'm sure that there is a website like that, but it's certainly not called Cum Slurping Whores.


What will you find for content at CumSlurpingWhores? Absolutely nothing. Well, that's not quite true, there are a bunch of feed sites and some links to other bonus sites that have some content, but when the site that you signed up for has no main content at all, this is reason for some serious outrage.

If I had signed up for this site and found absolutely no main content, I can guarantee you that I would be writing the webmaster of the site a very stern, but polite letter. I would also be somewhat indignant, with a healthy mix of sarcasm and cynicism thrown in for good measure. Seriously, you don't want to get between a pervert and his porn. It's a recipe for trouble, my friends.

So, let's chat a little bit about what you will get from the bonus material. We'll start with the feed sites. At least you get some feeds with related content. There are lots of nonexclusive blowjob and cumshot sites with a healthy helping leaning towards the jizzy side of the spectrum. Just Facials, Cumshot Central and Asian Spunk Blanket are just a few of the 39 feed sites you'll be faced with if you join.

Now we'll discuss the bonus sites. As a member to any of the sites on this network you get full-access to a bunch more sites that sometimes also feature no content at all or, at best, feature very little and fairly average or poor-quality content.

I've probably made it pretty clear by now that there's really not much reason to sign up for this site. It's possible that if you like a lot of video feeds and the like, then Cum Slurping Whores might be able to amuse you for a while, but I cannot, in good conscience, recommend a site with absolutely no main content.Look elsewhere, my friends.

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