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Updated on: 03/31/2015

A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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  • They haven't updated in a couple months, but the site is bigger and still has good value given its size and original theme.

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One of my favorite shows from the UK is about a women's prison. One of the storylines focused on a hot lesbian affair between the prison's governess and an inmate, but it's not like the show is filled with spanking themes, which is why the site Bars and Stripes won me over with just its clever name. I mean, British chicks behind bars having their bottoms beaten? How sweet is that?

The way the site organizes its content is definitely unique, which is why we won't be docking any points for design and navigation. It's one thing to have poorly constructed sites and another to just do things your own way. Basically, there aren't any separate video and photo sections. Instead, the content is sorted by where the action takes place.

BarsAndStripes makes you feel as if you're on an adventure to uncover the secrets held inside. You can check out the cells, offices and outside its walls. The list of sections includes the governor's office, the cell block and the intake office. You can look into solitary, the sick bay and watch interview and/or visiting sessions. There's also the PT room, governor's house and prisoners at large.

Counting the movies is no easy task, as they're often broken up into parts. That said, it looks to me like there are 285 videos in all. They can all be downloaded in Windows Media files and although they vary in quality, a fair number of them offer good-quality playback. I also came across some high-quality MP4s.

Counting the picture sets isn't any easier, because they too are broken up into parts more often than not. I counted 250 photo galleries in total. There are high-res pics to be had and you can download the images in Zip files.

The content does a good job of conveying what happens when inmates interact with the prison "screws" - that's British slang for prison officers. You'll see lawbreaking babes going through the various stages of being processed into the system. Some of the ladies get into trouble with their fellow inmates and other poor lasses really get their behinds whipped, caned and/or spanked until they're covered in red welts or black and blue bruises.

The site was upating often when we last checked it out, but as I look at it now, the last video was back in December 2014, which isn't great. Also, there aren't any extras aside from a diary that stopped being updated back in 2007. However, the content is compelling enough to hold most fans' attention. In the end, Bars And Stripes give you a creative take on punishment porn.

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  • Comment by: Mr X

    Score: 60% Date: 07/09/2012

    the layout of this website is awful, the quality of videos ranges from the average to the poor and supper annoyingly there is a daily bandwidth allowance (not sure how big it is though). The idea is nice, the spankings range from soft to the upper end of medium, the girls are nice and there is a good amount of content.

  • Comment by: MARCO

    Score: 90% Date: 11/12/2010