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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Shocking Parties might not be exactly what you'd expect it to be. It isn't one of those typical Mardi Gras or spring break deals. You know the kind, popular since that one series made it big with late-night infomercials. These scenes are seemingly less candid and realistic, but about a thousand times more hardcore too. You'll also discover that you get some worthwhile extra content. Unfortunately, it seems as if they are no longer updating.

Some ShockingParties scenarios follow the party theme, such as an office Christmas celebration getting surprisingly raunchy or a babe getting horny at a local nightclub. Other times, it's more of a stretch, such as one hottie who swings by the mechanics to pick up her car and ends up getting a lube job from the whole gang of grease monkeys instead.

Check out the action in the 20 galleries of pics that are close to high-res. The images follow the action in the videos, so typically you'd expect to see merely sad vid caps, not clear, professionally shot photos like these ones are. 

The 20 videos currently offered come in mediocre-quality clips. You can download three long clips or multiple short ones. I was disappointed a bit by the quality after the great photos. I would have expected the vids to be at least as good or better.

Nevertheless, in some instances they're not completely so poor looking that that you can't enjoy watching them. They may still get you off, but since they're not adding new stuff, they should really think about improving the old smut.

Otherwise, there are 12 bonus sites to check out (it says there are four, but on the home page there is actually a link to 12 of them). Some of them are Creampie Surprise, Got Fooled and Throat Jobs. The mediocrity of its video content causes me to hesitate on recommending Shocking Parties. They've got great hardcore content, but need to present it a little bit better and updatign againg would be the next step in improving their value.

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