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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Rob And Jill are an average couple with their own website that touts itself as "Home of the Ruined & Multiple Orgasm." I assume the "ruined" one is his and the "multiple" ones go to Jill. I saw her referred to on the site as a "denialist," so I think that should give you a clue of what to expect.

The porn on RobAndJill would be best described as cock teasing in the extreme. There are handjobs and other forms of stimulation performed on Rob's dick, but he isn't taken to the point of orgasm, at least not right away. Jill eventually acquiesces and gives Rob what's he begging for. By the time she's done repeatedly teasing him, the poor guy's ready to blow and it's pretty clear because his orgasms are very intense.

The homepage is busy. There's just so much information and links on it that it won't take long before you're feeling overwhelmed. I think the best way to get to the content is via the links on the left-hand side. The videos and photos are separated into sections and further broken down into just Rob and Jill's content and material by different performers.

You can find all the material relatively easily with these links, but there aren't any features to help you narrow down what you want. I think a search of some kind would really enhance the browsing experience. I appreciate that this is an amateur production, but it's also nice to be able to find what you want without too much fuss.

You'll get around 774 movies and 1,580 photo galleries. Different videos offer different formats at times, but it looks like you'll get good-quality MP4s most often. It seems that most of the movies are broken up into parts, but I found a few with only one part.

In the films, you'll often see Jill discussing her teasing techniques as she shows you how she brings Rob to the brink and then backs off again. Poor Rob's sexual frustration gets Jill off multiple times, while he's normally limited to a single orgasm once or twice a month.

Most of the medium-res photos in the "Rob and Jill" section focus on Jill posing, sucking dick and masturbating. You'll see Rob's cock from time to time, but she's the belle of the ball in these. The other sections showcase horny wives and more Femdom photos.

In terms of extras, there are video feeds, erotic stories, downloadable vids, photo galleries and more. There's even a video chat where members meet at 10 PM and both you and they can broadcast your own webcam, so people can watch you get off (or not get off depending on how you like to deny yourself).

The site claims daily updates, but nothing is dated. However with all the content from various other performers, I am going to take them at their word for now. The bottom line is that Rob And Jill is very affordable, it has a lot of material and it showcases T&D porn that you won't see on too many other sites. I do wish for a cleaner design though.

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  • Comment by: Dierty Bird

    Score: 35% Date: 07/19/2009

    This is the worst site ever.The scenes are old and poor quality . I don't know why it ranked 3rd it should rank at the bottom. The only reason it ranked so high must be the price. My advice save your money it's not even worth $5 a month

  • Comment by: Jocko

    Score: 85% Date: 07/07/2009

    I really enjoyed Jill telling the viewer how to stroke it. More of a tease site but well worth a visit if that is your thing. The older material is pretty poor quality, but there is lots of good quality material.

  • Comment by: rob and jill

    Score: 5% Date: 02/09/2009

    Poor content. Ultraslow downloads. Many broken links. Crap

  • Comment by: Kvnstiles

    Score: 90% Date: 12/01/2008

    awesome, been a member for 6 years.