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Zoe Roark 

By: Zoe Roark
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There's nothing coy about Spit Swappers as a sitename, but as a porn site, the spit play goes way beyond any memory you might have of early experimentation with all things organic. I recently learned that pregnant alpacas spit to ward off the males because they don't want to engage in any sexual activity when they are already pregnant. Turning the tables, the babes on this site use their spit play as a warm-up to sexual activities.

When you sign in you're taken to the Extreme Girl Network. All of the sites you see here can be accessed with the same login, but we'll get to those in a second. SpitSwappers offers 96 episodes and the action in each depicts a partnership between two hotties who like to mix and match their sex play with their spit play.

Download the videos in MP4 format and you're given HD playback. The main issue I have with the movies is that not all of them can be saved right away. You're only able to stream them and there's a note that says that the download option will be available in approximately 30 days. This is obviously not the best-case scenario. If you want to view the flick in clips, you'll have to do it in the Flash streaming version.

The majority of the videos run between 15 and 20 minutes. It looks like all of the content is pulled from another network, so nothing is exclusive. Each movie comes with a set of photos that you can save in a Zip file. Each gallerycontains anywhere from 80 to 164 images.

The thumbnails have titles identifying which models are in each scene, so you can zero in on your favorites, like Alex and Holly, who know how to spit-share from mouth to navel to cleavage to finally disappearing into a gaping oral hole. You will also love the spit swapping at 20 feet, the speculum straw drinking and the rolling high-balling with shot glasses.

The amount of content hasn't changed in a long time, so I wouldn't expect anything new, but if you recall those bonus sites I mentioned earlier, you know that your fun is far from over. These include Extreme Alex, Blowjob Races and Cum Challenge. They all seem to have nonexclusive content as well and are set up much the same way as this site.

It's an average price for a unique site. Spit Swappers has enough material to keep you up to your eyeballs in spit for a little while, but just don't expect any more content in the future.

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  • Comment by: Cock Rock

    Score: 45% Date: 01/17/2009

    I've never seen inside the member's section of this site, but I've downloaded about 60 or 70 preview movies, plus a few full-length ones from various places. In other words, I've seen enough of the site's content to be able to have an informed opinion.

    The site's content is fine, except for one very fundamental and basic flaw, and that's the simple & infuriating fact that there's simply HARDLY ANY SPITTING GOING ON AT ALL! Yes you read me correctly. Almost ZERO spitting.

    Sure, there's plenty of DROOLING, but spitting & drooling are NOT one & the same!

    I can't tell you how frustrating it is to watch clip after clip of girls slowly letting saliva drool out of their mouths onto each other's bodies, when what I (& presumably lots of others) want to see it actual spitting! Hard, forceful, noisy blasts of spit, aimed properly, not onto breasts or stomachs, but into faces & hair.

    I want to see the girls actually spitting into each other's eyes, mouths, ears, faces & hair. I want to see them drenched. I want to see what looks like a spit bukkake. Unfortunately, Spit Swappers never delivers, and even worse I know of no other web site that specialises in spit at all, let alone does it properly. If anyone DOES know of a decent SPIT site, as opposed to this drooling one, then please tell the world. Failing that, I might just have to set one up myself.

    Overall, I'm deeply unimpressed.