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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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Channel 69 VIP is a whole network wrapped up into a single membership. Mega-sites are a favorite of many porn lovers, as they allow for a variety of sites so that, depending on their mood, they can find what they are after. Many mega-sites have a general theme to the variety within and this one is no different. There are 19 sites offered and if I was to pick one word to describe the network as a whole, it would be "big." There are big tits, big butts, big gals, big muscles, big bushes and big age differences.

Site navigation is pretty simple. when you sign in you will see thumbnail images of all the hot sites that make up the network. Click on one (you might be prompted to sign in with your login info, which does get annoying) and voila! Now you can browse that particular site. There are, however, some glaring navigation issues. There are no search tools and no way to browse through all the content without going from site to site and this can make surfing tedious. There is a network update log, but it is on each site individually. There is nothing on the network homepage besides that listing of all the sites that make up the network. 

Not all of the individual collections are updating either, but across the network you are getting something new usually a couple times per week, sometimes more, sometimes less. Also, the videos on Channel69VIP have improved throughout many of the sites - although, they could definitely use more improving on that front. There are something like 2,600 videos and they can be streamed on an embedded Flash player and downloaded, with the best of them offering average-quality playback. There are also about 2,550 sets of photos spread across the network and the pics tend to look pretty good.

A few of the sites that make up this mega-site include, Dirty Kinky Mature, Chunky Chicks 69, Body Builders In Heat, Hot 50 Plus, Lesbian Chunky Chicks and Double Air Bags. Just looking at those sitenames will give you a sense of the "big" I was mentioning earlier. I was quite impressed by how well the porn on each site actually fit with the category it was in, for example the fat gals are fat, the old women are old, the big butts are huge and the hairy chicks have tons of furry bush.

Site design within the sites is minimalist as well. They are simple and clean and easy to browse, but besides the ability to give each scene a rating out of five, there aren't any extra features. You can't leave comments or save favorites. which with a mega-site that involves this much clicking around to get to all the content, could be helpful. 
More frequent updates on each individual site would be nice and better video quality overall would also be very much appreciated. Aside from that, Channel 69 VIP does show off the big boobs and ladies that you like to see. Although, they are doing it for a higher price than is the average these days.


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  • Comment by: Joe

    Score: 20% Date: 12/26/2013

    The content is good. The quality of the videos is not. This could be my favorite site if the 40 mb videos were redone as 400 mb files.

  • Comment by: alex

    Score: 10% Date: 06/13/2013

    I have joined over 20 different sites over the years but never had been have encountered such a badly run site like this before. channel69vip is the worst site on the net. the videos are around 140-200mb in size and run for 20mins. I saw the review on this site but failed to notice the comment left by an ex member of channel69vip, if I had read it I wouldn't have joined and wasted my money. basically I cancel my membership on the same day after I saw how horrible the quality of the videos were and I tried to call to get a refund but they just said I should contact the webmaster. The whole site is a scam, PLEASE DO NOT JOIN CHANNEL69VIP, just like the previous comment says it is a total waste of money, I may had just burn or flush my money down the toilet, what a fucking rip off, and shame on the reviewers of this site for giving them a 74/100. they deserve 10/100 at best!!

  • Comment by: KM

    Score: 30% Date: 01/04/2012

    Big Site
    Lots of Content
    Mostky BBW and Mature Content

    Not HD.
    Very Very slow downloads
    Very poor quality of movies
    Crappy Site Navigation
    Too expensive for the price.

    I joined this site looking at the glitzy preview. This site is a total waste of money. Very poor site setup, poor quality of movies and so slow. Beware, it is not worth a penny to join this site.