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Melissa Koznuk 

By: Melissa Koznuk
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Although they may not be smiling, these chicks have definitely been photographed with a candid camera. Candid BOB is a site dedicated to searching high and low on beaches and city streets for babes exposing themselves in tight pants, thong bikinis and short skirts. You will also see lots of boobs, cleavage, exposed midriffs and barely covered bums.

Whoever is behind CandidBOB deserves recognition for creating a site that looks amazing and makes navigation a breeze for new and experienced surfers. The background color allows these dewy, tanned bodies to stand out – just as they ought to! I had many reservations before I entered the site, with visions of clips and images thrown together with no rhyme or reason and no labels. I am very happy to report that my doubts were unfounded.

The sections are clearly marked, so if you want vids or pics you'll know exactly where to go. The sections are further broken down to show you just beach material or street content. The contributions from outside sources are also in their own area. Currently, there are 736 high-res galleries taken on beaches, on the street, on roller coasters and, perhaps, in a city near you.
Although these are seriously hot chicks, they are also glimpses that you could catch for yourself if you were on the lookout. From babes in bikinis and skirts to ass-hugging jeans and exposed hip bones, there certainly is a high degree of exposure, but the images are, thankfully, not overexposed.

There is a video gallery with 79 short clips of different gals walking down the street or standing on the side of the road wearing jeans so tight that they're like a second skin. These clips are very short – anywhere from 30 seconds to a couple of minutes. However, they feature the amazing candid quality for which this site is known and they can be streamed in mostly HD MP4 format (some are marked SD).

The homepage shows that new photo galleries are added once a month, but there are no listings for videos, so who knows when this section is being updated with new material. Such a huge quantity of photographic imagery on Candid BOB will certainly please the candid picture lover in you, but be warned that the candid video lover will not be that happy.

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  • Comment by:

    Score: 90% Date: 06/26/2011

    Responding to Flux's comment,

    there are a lot of pictures on the site and tastes are different. The general quality is great.

    Moreover , we've just started V3.0 of candidBOB with adding a lot of new videos! I'm talking real candid videos here with a new category "underwater". Nothing staged on cb

  • Comment by: Flux

    Score: 40% Date: 06/13/2010

    Very disappointed with this site, the pictures appear to have been uploaded without any consideration for the content. Expect to have to trawl through many pictures of unattractive women topless on the beach before you get to anything interesting. Afterwards I joined (which includes access to and found that much more satisfying, loads of new content every day and great pictures and videos.