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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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The moment I saw "live" in the sitename Club X Live, I knew I was heading into a cam site and I was pretty excited. Although the last few live cam sites I reviewed were disappointing, there is always a certain excitement and anticipation when another one comes along for me to check out.

Thankfully, ClubXLive broke the trend and provided me with the positive experience I keep expecting from such sites. That isn't to say that this is the best chat/cam site out there. However, it falls solidly somewhere in the middle and maybe even higher depending on what is important to you.

There is nothing fancy about the design, but it is clean and simple and very easy to use. It might be a little too simple though. While there is a text search box, I couldn't find any kind of advanced search that let me filter the models by size, hair color, ethnicity, etc.

The site has well over 600 chat hosts. However, the number online at any given time will, of course, vary. When I was on, there were about 40 chicks available. That is a pretty good number, but a lot of them had an "I'll be right back" sign on their cam. Some of them did come right back a few minutes later, while others were still not available 30 minutes later. It was frustrating when I would see a picture of a model who looked hot, but when I went to chat with her she was unavailable. I was able to find other babes who were available usually within one of my next couple of tries.

As for the babes, there is a nice variety of looks and the ones I talked to were all very willing to do what I asked while we chatted. I was able to get them naked rather quickly and it didn't feel like they were moving slowly and making conversation just to keep me online as long as possible in order to make more money.

Cam quality is where sites usually end up disappointing me. It is great to see a model live, but if the cam looks like crap, then what's the point. Each chick has their own cam, so the quality isn't similar. However, for the most part, while the image was nice and clear, the movements were slow and choppy. Some of the cams have sound also. This is a nice feature when it works, but watch out for some that are just loud and grainy.

It looks like each model sets her own price, but the majority of the ones I checked out were charging about $2 a minute, which is on the low end of the spectrum for these type of sites. A few were charging a bit less and a few more were in the $2 to $2.99 range. The two-babe cams and the chick/guy cams were all charging $2.99 to $3.99.

Club X Live isn't on par with the great live cam sites that provide gorgeous cams with fluid motion and tons of models always available. However, those places usually charge at least another couple of bucks per minute. While I appreciated the willing models, the choppy cams were disappointing. However, you can join for free and check them all out for yourself before paying to go private.

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