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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Jock Tryouts belongs to a group of nonexclusive sites. Generally, this kind of network might get only one full review and several listings, but each of these are unique enough to merit separate reports, even if overall there are more similarities than differences.

Their uniqueness doesn't mean that each is impressive in its own sense. In fact, the biggest problem is that even though the individual scenes and images offered are different, they're all somewhat generic. Here for example, there are only a few true "jock" scenes in the mix, despite the fact that the site is called JockTryouts.

Perhaps most surprising from this kind of cookie-cutter site is that there are only 20 average-quality videos that you can download (as Windows Media files). There are 23 full-length, streaming movies, but the themes vary and aren't necessarily jock focused. However, they include lots of bareback action.

The picture section contains 70 photo galleries that contain hardcore photos. Whoever produces these sites seems to be obsessed with digitally altering penises so that they're expanded to preposterous proportions.

In some cases, you can actually see the same set twice, once in normal size and secondly in "enhanced" form. Not my thing since it seems more comical than sexy, but that's only my opinion. It's kind of like when actresses (as well as at least one "Queer Eye" guy) get those super-inflated duck lips. In my opinion, bigger is only better if bigger is real. Unless they're boobs and then who really cares? Just kidding... Or am I?

In addition to the bonus movies, other extras include links to live sex shows, games and bonus sites, like Dude Bang, Gay Blowout, Hard Freshmen and Stud Bang. (Occasionally, there is some overlap in content between sites.) There are also lots of feeds with tons more streaming video, again with some jocks, but other genres too.

Meanwhile, this collection's videos haven't been updated since 2006 and although photos are rotated daily, they never exceed the 70 set mark. Considering the high-end, mega-site price they're asking, I'd have to pass on Jock Tryouts. It just doesn't give you nearly enough to justify its price.

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