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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Peter Enis is a German site that I would describe as a tad cumbersome in design. It's attractive, but the menus require Java to be enabled and when you first arrive, so things can take a moment or two to load. Some links don't appear to work properly and I can't be sure if that's the fault of the site or various browser setting and anti-virus issues. Regardless, it doesn't bode well for anyone who wants a user-friendly experience.

Currently, there are 14 videos and photo sets of PeterEnis content. The high-res galleries are impressive because when you click on any of the embedded images, you'll discover that the photos are enormous when they open in their own windows. You can see every single pore on every single babe.

The videos are less impressive, since they're in a streaming-only average-looking Flash format. The embedded player can be enlarged in a new window, but it really isn't worth it since the image becomes so distorted that it's hardly worth watching. It's too bad because the hardcore sucking, fucking, anal and facial action is very entertaining, even if it's grainy.

Links to other sites are offered. Although there are about eight streaming video feeds and three photo feeds included for free, there are five paid links, some with live action and one diverse video-on-demand site. What makes it special is that you don't sign up separately on these third-party sites, but instead buy tokens (called coins) from Peter's site.

That's right - each time you navigate away from the homepage into a pay-per-minute section it tells you across the top how many coins your visit will use. It's convenient and you end up only giving your billing information to this site. However, it proved buggy during my visit and I had difficulty accessing the page to buy coins. I used up my existing tokens and the clip continued playing, but my coins displayed as a negative integer.

Overall, the concept is cool, but perhaps impractical. I'm sure there are settings to change in the browser as well as perhaps temporarily disabling virus protection, but who wants to go through that much hassle for their porn? Most importantly, the non-downloadable Flash videos just aren't good-looking enough to justify the high-priced Peter Enis membership.

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