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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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It might not be one of your everyday fantasies, but it certainly becomes one every four years during the summer Olympics. And if you are ever dragged to the ballet, you might also share this fantasy. I am, of course, talking about fucking a woman so limber and flexible that no position is impossible. Although the name CL Erotic gives no indication of it, this is a site dedicated to bringing part of that fantasy to life, as they show you naked and very flexible babes.

Watching a chick strip and spread her legs to reveal her pussy is always nice. However, watching a babe strip then lean back and wrap her legs around her head to reveal her pussy is something else. Not all of the chicks go quite that far and some only taunt you with a brief peak of their pink lips, but many go all the way. CLErotic is like softcore porn with a twist and, for some of them, that's a literal twist.

The quality of the 137 videos has gotten a lot better over the years. While the earlier videos came in poor-quality Real Player and AVI formats, they eventually started to offer DivX and great-quality Windows Media files. Now, they've gotten even better and about a dozen can be downloaded as high-def clips. There don't appear to be any full-length files though.

While that is a good amount of content, I was expecting more from a site that's been around for over five years, especially since they update every three days alternating between videos and pictures. What I realized, though, is that when they add a video they just add a clip from a scene and since some scenes can have up to seven clips, getting a whole episode online can take a few weeks.

When it comes to capturing these contortionists in still shots, the site is pretty generous. You get over 786 set of photos covering couples, gal-on-gal, fetish and standard posing and they've started to come with high-res shots.

While the cost of membership is expensive, CL Erotic provides quality babes and is constantly updating their collection. Those of you searching for flexible chicks or for you who are suddenly curious about them and have no money issues, this is a solid site worth checking out.

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  • Comment by: Steve Brill

    Score: 40% Date: 11/29/2010

    In no way are there videos averaging 8 mins in legnth! I wish there was then the girls would have to be totaly nude instaed of half waiting 4 video sets that take almost 4 months before a newer girl actualy does. The vids from old to new range from a rediculouse 1 min to the newer ones of 4:00 mins. There is one of a new girl that has one part of a vid set at 7:00 mins but that is brand new and a first time. The rest are still at 4:00. Maybe there's still a little hope for the future for the vid legnths to increase more as well as the full nudity and explicit erotic posing!

  • Comment by: saveUmoney

    Score: 35% Date: 04/15/2010

    Cl-erotic the first 5 years was good and actualy erotic. Then it went down hill fast, there have been new models making many videos already and they STILL don't take their panites completly off in the videos. That quick little pull to the side pussy peak is just not cutting it and is not enough to match the great hot eroticism of the older original models and definitely not worth the membership price anymore! Plus the Divix DL shop hasn't been working for years either. Sad to see such a good site go to wasteful crap. Even if they droped thier member price by $20 I would still hesitate to join! Take them f-cking panties off and spread'm!