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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Public Flash could equally be named "pubic" flash since we catch glimpses of not just tits, but pussies too. If one was a religious or a superstitious person, one might assume these babes were risking being struck down by lightning or in for some nasty mojo given the places they choose to flash, which includes cemeteries and inside churches. I, of course, find it more enjoyable to watch than particularly damning, but I tend to be easy going about hexes and bad karma.

PublicFlash's video section features 162 movies with 1,172 four-minute clips that come in Windows Media format and offer average to stellar-quality playback. Some of the vids appear to have been shot at nude resorts or topless beaches and there are tons of daring exhibitionists in the flicks too. They purposely get nude in regular public areas and not just on secluded beaches or beside sun-drenched private pools.

There are something like 33 different "flashers" appearing in the movies and these same naughty chicks also appear in 53 photo galleries. There are 10 to over 100 images per gallery and most of the pictures are average-res shots. That said, if you look hard enough you will come across some high-res images.

The photos aren't blurry or dark voyeur shots since the chicks aren't being captured on film through subterfuge. They're willingly flashing in public and do some up-skirt, no-panties poses. Some also lift their shirt to reveal that they aren't wearing a bra. And others quite simply strip down to their birthday suits. They visit places like parks, playgrounds, malls, gas stations and any number of public places including the aforementioned slightly sacrilegious locations.

The site's updating every three or four days right now, so even though you won't have to wait long for new content, you may occasionally find yourself with some time to kill in between updates. Should that occur, you can go check out the four bonus sites included with a membership. They offer some streaming-only vids and photos that look surprisingly good.

With a decent amount of content, some stellar-quality material, frequent updates and some sweet extras,Public Flash is definitely worth a look. Voyeurs and fans of public nudity will enjoy it quite a bit.

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  • Comment by: ADL

    Score: 50% Date: 01/10/2012

    Pro: Was a great site, had some really good looking girls who exposed in public let some guys touch. Great quality video, better than any other site of this type.
    Con: Poor quality of girls recently, updates very erratic, supposed to be two updates a week, sometimes only one in 10 days. A lot of the newer girls get naked but with no one around.

    Worth a dip in every few months but not worth staying a member permanently. Having said this there are few other sites of this genre that have the quality of video.

  • Comment by: Tony

    Score: 30% Date: 07/01/2011

    Very erratic updates, promised twice a week, nothing for two weeks. When it was running right it was great now its shit