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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Beautiful Companion says the following on its splash page, "Congratulations on discovering the 21st century way to experience the joy of professional adult companionship." If that doesn't spell it out clearly, let me explain directly that this is an online directory of escorts throughout North America, part of Europe and the UK as well as Buenos Aires.

I have seen sites similar to this one before and although I am sure the ladies advertising are on the up and up, I'll explain how one needs to be careful when signing up to the site. Personally, whenever someone expects me to pay to see advertising that seems slightly suspect even if the product being sold is of an adult nature.

The BeautifulCompanion homepage says there are over 7000 girls to be found worldwide. As I mentioned in my introduction only a portion of the globe is actually represented and with the exception of the United States itself, most other countries list only one major city online.

As to whether there are literally 7,000 escorts for hire, I stopped counting on reaching almost 3,000 ads after completing all of Europe but with the majority of the US ahead of me, since there were just too many cities left to prevent making counting each one by one a practical project. The owner of the site assured us that there is more than 10,000 girls on the site. However, the number of ads is bigger, since many of them post multiple ads to various cities.

As to what you get to see, most women have a small gallery of 5-10 photos, sometimes professionally done but seldom high-resolution. The escort's profile includes detailed contact information posted at her own discretion and many babes for hire seem to have their own websites, personal or commercial. There is also a link to engage in a video chat but it's a hit or a miss, as to whether you'll actually find the individual woman online.

Additional links connect to three live chat sites, travel advice and 53 porn star profiles set up just like the companion ads. On the outside of the site, they promise access to reviews of the ladies but once inside you realize there's merely a members' forum for customers to post their opinions on the services they've used.

Since most clients tend towards anonymity and discretion, there are only a couple posts on the entire site and nothing helpful to someone looking for feedback on any escorts. Beautiful Companion is definitely a unique site. Keep in mind that it is not a porn site, but a service for those of you looking for hot escorts.

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