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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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Most of us have been to peep shows. The ones where you put money in the slot and the screen rises up exposing a hot babe ready to put on a private show just for you. Here we have Peek Shows, a site giving you the same experience on your computer screen.

PeekShows has a very simple design and user interface (although they are in the process of beta testing a new design option, so navigation was a little confusing at first). Just type in a handle name you want to go by (like Big Dick, Hard Man or Buck Naked) and you are ready to go. You are then exposed to thumbnails of all the models that are available online at the moment. When I was on there were over 50 chicks available and their roster of models contains well over 1,000.

Clicking on any of the thumbnails takes you to that babe's cam and her chat. You can get a good look at the model live and chat with her and everyone else in the room. Although the conversation I saw didn't get anymore intelligent than "Show your boobies," "I want to taste you" and "Do you like sex?" But, hey, if it's an intellectual conversation you want, call a fucking friend!

With purchased credits you can go into a private chat with the model of your choice, talk to her and get her to do whatever you want. It costs five credits per minute for a private show with a model and 10 credits for a two babe show. 

For those of you who just want to watch though, it will only cost you one or two tokens for a voyeur show.  In a voyeur show you can watch the model during her private show with someone else, but you cannot speak or chat with her at all.  This is a huge difference in price.  With what tokens cost, the difference between a voyeur show and a private show is about $5 per minute.

The reason they feel they can charge so much for a private show is that they now have high-speed cams. However, I have seen high-speed cams that look better than these. But the cam images are definitely better than many other sites out there, even though the movement was a little stacato on about half the babes I checked out. It isn't worth the high price generally.

If your Internet connection can handle the high-speed cams, then the babes might be worth checking out in private. The cheaper voyeur cam is a great option for those who want to make their money go farther and who don't feel the need to chat with the models while they do their thing.

However, like with all these kinds of sites, it is free to browse around and check out the babes and their cams before deciding to lay your money down for some Peek Show credits.

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Latest Comments

  • Comment by: Wilber

    Score: 1% Date: 02/14/2012

    It says mention the pro's and the cons of the site,well so far I havent found one pro,but the price is one big con, I was in disbelive when I seen the price to go pvt on this site, I can honestley say that this is one website I will not be joining,especialy after reading the comments here,seems like a bad place,oh i just thought of a pro,you do sometimes get to see a little action in free.

  • Comment by: sceptic

    Score: 10% Date: 11/01/2011

    Seems like a dodgy site to me as most of the girls are busy elsewhere,probably working other websites the same time. I tried talking to someone but they seemed busy elsewhere. If I knew where they were I would take my custom there coz theres nothing worse than being ingnored,even though I am a gold member. I often go as a grey or white just to see how the girls treat. If I get ignored as a grey or white, I no longer go pvt with those girls.So if you want nice girls who will chat to you without knowing if you have tokens or not,use a different website. I know its their job but I hate bullshit friendships.

  • Comment by: jimbob

    Score: 5% Date: 11/01/2011

    Even the admins from peekshows are using the other sites now,so if the scum of peeks(the admins) are useing the other sites ,it doesn't say a lot for peekshows the website they are suppose to be admins on.

  • Comment by: Jim

    Score: 80% Date: 09/28/2011

    I love it, however, does anyone know if they are having troubles at Peek Shows. I have not been able to log on for almost one week. I keep timing out with the message that the site is not available.

    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:09/29/2011): It's working fine for us. Did you try support? Drop us a message via our contact form if you're still having issues.

  • Comment by: EX PeeksFan

    Score: 5% Date: 09/26/2011

    As u can see,the reviews says it all.Sadly most of the really pretty girls have left peeks as the admins ruined it,it is very rare to see a admin appear in green writing these days,but they are still there,and still up to their old tricks such as kicking people they don't like regardless of what the girls want,also telling the girls who the customer is spending their tokens on,kind of shit stirring I call it.THE PLUS SIDE: These girls who have left the site can be found on MY REE CAMS.COM.
    I didn't like to write this view but i felt i had no choice.
    Maybe one day peeks will get rid of all the admins and get back to the good site I once use to enjoy visiting

  • Comment by: dave

    Score: 2% Date: 08/18/2011

    Great place if you want to spend top dollar on the most ugliest girls in the webcam cam world.

  • Comment by: goerge

    Score: 4% Date: 08/17/2011

    The fact that this site isn't even in the top ten webcam sites says it all. Check the other sites out and their prices before checking this website out.
    There were once some really hot girl on this site maybe 5 years ago,but deems they got desperate and let any old dog work there.

  • Comment by: TURK

    Score: 1% Date: 07/31/2011


  • Comment by: Joe

    Score: 20% Date: 07/14/2011

    Good points about the site is its free,but then so are most of the other cam sites.Bad Points are that admins like Sage (who is a complete twat who thinks he owns the site)Kick people even the girls ask him not too.Well done Sage for making me use other sites,saved me a fortune.TWAT

  • Comment by: Terry

    Score: 5% Date: 06/18/2011

    poor website where the admins run the show,even though lately you don't see much of the admins it is because they have a whisper function,so they busy spending time whispering to the girls.Most of the girls now work on like even the girls are deserting.Peeks has become a high price website with low quality girls I'm afraid to say

  • Comment by: D Dog

    Score: 95% Date: 06/10/2011

    I have come and gone from Peekshows over the years, and frequented many other cam sites as well, but Peek Shows is the only place that I feel comfortable, its like I'm at home. Wait, I am at home ;) Even though there are a lot of beggars wanting live sex, it is part of the price you pay for visiting a free chat community. It is no different than any other free chat site, there are assholes out there that beg the beauties for a free shot. PeekShows has hot, down to earth girls that love to chat with lonely bastards like me! They make me feel good! ;)

  • Comment by: Seeker

    Score: 80% Date: 05/05/2011

    This site is a must see for experimented users. Of course it is not the cheapest site, but the quantity of gorgeous models and the quality of the site is well worth it. The admins are usually very customer oriented and ensure quality.

    The bad side is some admins like Geezer give out information about where users buy their shows to a specific model like Montana and it puts the user is a bad situation afterwards. Admins like this should be kicked from Peekshows as it ruins the experience for the users and the models

  • Comment by: Ouch!!

    Score: 1% Date: 09/30/2010

    Admins like sage have made the website what it is today,shit,He's not real admin he's just a dirty old man and for those who dont know admins get to see the private shows for free.they will deny it but i know better.Best use website like livejasmin where there no admins to be seen and the girls are just a pretty and only charge $1.99 a minute

  • Comment by: scorchio

    Score: 1% Date: 09/30/2010

    Your better of finding the girls on peekshows on different cam sitesw,if u see a girl on peeks u can almost certan find her on simaler site at same time,and usually half the price peekshows charge u.

  • Comment by: Joker

    Score: 90% Date: 03/07/2010

    Peekshows, like any other website, has it's pluses and minuses. The big pluses are the number of beautiful models and the hard working admins that provide a relatively safe environment for the REAL show buyers. The BIGGEST minus are the constant begging by the beggers that make the models, show buyers and the regulars miserable and want to leave to avoid the begging. Also, there are a few lonely, pathetic, self absorbed cretins that try to ruin all the fun for everyone else that visits Peekshows and other adult websites.
    Overall, Peekshows is the PREMIERE LIVE adult website this side Uranus.

  • Comment by: Orwell

    Score: 10% Date: 02/05/2010

    If you register you will get a free 5 minutes worth of video. And after that you can visit and check out your favorite girls (and often they are nude/semi nude playing with themselves in free chat). Otherwise, don't even think of paying for privates - almost all the girls work on other sites, some of which charge as little as .98. Do the math: peekshows 5.00; other site .98. Plus, if the girl works on myfreecams she will keep chatting in myfreecams trying to get tips while she's doing your show. And yes it's still true: ALL the pretty girls have AT LEAST three of the "volunteer" and real admins lurking about in them. They don't talk as much now as they used to (must have been warned to shut up), but they are still there and sometimes it's obvious they have a crush for the girl. Also, each pretty girl has AT LEAST one serious groupie who sits in her room the entire shift.

  • Comment by: Sportman

    Score: 1% Date: 12/13/2009

    I don't know why and who blocked me at peekshows?
    I think that one admin blocked me.
    It is not possible for me connect peekshows from Wien Austria.
    Who will unblock me and how can I connect peekshows again?
    The peekshows page is not open and it is not possible for me to contact Live Customer Support.

  • Comment by: Luke

    Score: 70% Date: 11/11/2009

    This is an excellent site to go to and have a perv. Many of the girls often go naked & some even masturbate in free chat - amazing! The quality of the women is mostly exceptional - some reeeeeaaaaaal cuties! However, I have never gone into a private session with any of the girls, because it is just too expensive. At more than $300 per hour, why wouldn't you just go out and fuck a hooker instead?

  • Comment by: avec50

    Score: 70% Date: 11/06/2009

    pro: some girls show tits and even pussy for free (not always, of course)
    con: one can enter without registering, but many girls are hidden by a "members chat2 that excludes on-members.

  • Comment by: Justin

    Score: 100% Date: 10/30/2009

    good free chat and first private was free you be the judge...dont listen to the haters most of these guys here probably got kicked off the site for bad behaviour..check out Aliska shes a sweety

  • Comment by: BabyDollXXX

    Score: 75% Date: 10/08/2008

    Well hello there,
    I actually host for this site. Sadly it seems few of you have come to my room. I will not beg as I dislike when the men do. I try very hard to converse all of my guests and I'd like to think I'm pretty cute and intelligent ta boot :)