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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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On Hardcore Fiesta the motto is: "If it's not hardcore, there's no fiesta." I couldn't agree more. You'll definitely be having a party in your pants and every party guy or gal is going to enjoy the festivities. Unfortunately, I guess the party is over. And it must have ended a while ago, because there haven't been any updates to this site in ages.

HardcoreFiesta has 26 videos. You can stream them in an embedded player and download them in a couple of MP4 files. The better of the two allows you to enjoy good-quality playback, while the other works great with mobile devices. The vids can be as short as five minutes or as long as 30. You can preview the action with sets of vid caps, but they're about as mediocre as you'd expect them to be.

The babes are super-hot and each scene has some great hardcore sex. Most show one-on-one matchups between gorgeous gals and buff, well-hung dudes. There are also threesomes, anal and one DP, but it has a chick being penetrated by a man in her butt while he sticks a dildo in her pussy. Most scenes end with a babe taking a hot facial cum bath.

There are 49 bonus sites for you to explore and they're all part of the Pornstar Network. Some are devoted to individual models, like Cherry Potter, Busty Christy and Kelly Summer. Others showcase male pornstars and some have more diverse themes, like Only DP, The Lucky Man and I Want Latina.

While many of the bonus sites have stopped updating, there is still a ton of content to be found throughout the network and a good amount of what you'll see is hardcore. Moreover, enough of the websites are still growing to give you something new on a regular basis.

Hardcore Fiesta is a pretty small site and, at this point, I think it's pretty clear that it won't ever get any bigger. Seeing as how that's the case, the site isn't large enough to be worth joining on its own. It might be worth a look if you're also interested in the extras, though.

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