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Apneatic may seem like a strange name but perhaps an odd title is fair game for an alternative model's personal site. Her name is Apnea as in sleep apnea, a disorder that causes lapses in breathing while asleep leading to shortness of breath and even fatal suffocation in extreme cases. It was her husband's idea to call herself that, as he feels she takes his breath away. To be correct the adjective form of the noun is apneic but who cares since it's an art photography site, she can take some artistic license with the term too.

There are 228 Apneatic galleries of photographs. Many of them are high-res and they all are high-quality. As the warning page says, there is some nudity involved although it really does qualify more as art than pornography. The themes of the layouts tend to be fetish scenarios or at least fetish attire. See corsets, PVC-wear, stockings, lingerie worn by Apnea herself or her friends with normally Goth-inspired make up and hair. Mostly you'll see tits and ass but occasionally you'll catch a glimpse of pussy too. I was very impressed by the professional style and great aesthetic appeal of each set ranging from 45-120 frames.

The 37 videos are quite short lasting from 1-7 minutes and they all stream in either Windows Media or QuickTime formats. The quality is poor. They too show off Apnea against fetish like backdrops and provide a more sensual erotic feel then pure pornographic. Unfortunately, it looks like the vids are no longer downloadable and can just be streamed.

As far as extras, beyond a member's forum, Apneatic is one of those rare sites where its owner actually writes in her daily journal often. Apnea also has a wicked sense of humor that plays well with her outgoing and alternative personality.

Apneatic updates weekly with pics and vids and is well priced. This chick provides a high-quality alternative experience to all the same-old porn that is out there. If this is the vibe you dig then it is well worth checking out.

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