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Updated on: 10/21/2015

Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
Number of Reviews: 1382
Average Score: 65

Since we last visited AAASpanking...

  • More than 50 videos and 29 galleries have been added. Updates continue to be frequent (even slightly more frequent than before) when it comes to how often a new video is added, but you might only see a photo gallery or two going up each month.
  • Besides changing the site's color scheme, the image sets are now linked to their corresponding video for easy access.
  • They've lowered the price of the six-month membership and have also added an annual option.

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If you're here to read about minor league baseball players smacking each other on the ass, I'm afraid you're going to be disappointed. Now, if you're here to read about cute girls and corporal punishment, you'll be pretty pleased, because those are the two things AAA Spanking is all about.

There isn't too much to criticize AAASpanking for, but I will say that its homepage is a little busy. It features a list of recent updates and links to videos, photos, a model index and bonus content. At first it seemed like a lot to put on a page and I'm sure it could be simplified and cleaned up a little, but overall this is a very minor "complaint."

The website has its videos divided into four sections. The first is devoted to domestic discipline, the second is focused on schoolgirls, the third features girl-on-girl spanking and the fourth has auditions/first-timers. When you add everything up, you get 275 videos. You can download them in clips and full-length versions, the best of which come in HD or even Full HD for the most part, but you don't have the option of streaming them.

If you're a fan of spanking - and I assume you are if you've made it this far - you'll love the content. The chicks are all really cute and they've all got great asses. Of course, you're given ample time to admire their rears, both before and after they've been spanked. The reasons for which they find themselves being punished vary and so do the instruments being used to dole out their punishments. I saw canes, paddles, brushes, slippers, rulers and even birch twigs.

When you get done with the videos, which in many cases come with vid caps, you can take a look at the 144 sets of high-res pics offered for some of the flicks. They give you some great shots of the girls and their butts. You can almost feel their pain as you find yourself staring at pictures of bright-red bottoms. The vid caps are housed in their own section, as are the photos, but each image set has links to and from its corresponding video and every one can be downloaded in Zip files.

The website seems to update every two or three days, so they've managed to give us a baker's dozen of videos and a couple of photo sets in the last 30 days. I should clarify that when some videos are labeled "pt. 2 or 3," etc. it refers to a full-length scene from a longer shoot rather than simply a clip. Also, you can check out more movies in the bonus area while you wait for more material to show up.

As I mentioned before, there really isn't too much to criticize AAA Spanking for. It's a solid website with a good amount of high-quality spanking content. If you've got a taste for corporal punishment, you should definitely try it out and see if it satisfies your hunger for hot spankings.

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Latest Comments

  • Comment by: Sass.Enach

    Score: 85% Date: 04/28/2015

    Joined the site as they have a trial deal you haven't mentioned but stayed after the 5 days for another month which is cheaper than advertised here too. They have so many hi quality films to download. Love them. Hot naughty sexual spankings and mean severe punishments. Something for every mood and some nice series of schoolgirls, my fav, and intresting wheelbarrow positions which was a bit special. This is value for money and as good as any spanking site I have been a member of and I have pretty much seen most of the big ones.

  • Comment by: Anonymous

    Score: 80% Date: 02/17/2015

    I joined yesterday and felt I have to disagree with some previous comments. I joined up on a 10 Pound, or 15 Dollar equivalent for a trial 5 days. I stopped the rebill as I wanted to just get some films as I had been a member a few years back and this site has improved heaps. The girls are great and I disagree with some of the comments about the spankings. Some are pretty mean and the girls know they have been whacked hard. Miss Kami gets mentioned a lot as she is special, check out Monster Mistake, and her birching scenes. That was one of my reasons on joining, there's lots of variety and I got a 5 days membership for under 10 Pounds and downloaded the films I wanted in that time and will definitely be back at a future date. I sometimes wonder what goes through people's heads when they write reviews but this is a site that is well worth looking at! Do check out Mishka Devin, I have never seen her anywhere else and she is a real find. Good to see they are doing longer films too even if they take an age to download as some of the files are over 1 Gig. My connection is average at best. maybe they could lower the size and quality of some in another format for us poor people stuck in the internet dark Ages!

  • Comment by: JohnArch

    Score: 30% Date: 02/14/2015

    Utterly bored within minutes of joining this site! The spankings are tame to say the least and most of them seem to feature the same very boring and quite weird looking man who I think is the sites owner calling himself John. He seems full of himself. The quality of the movies is okay but nothing special and there is no hard proper punishment. Just girls dressed up with some really stupid story lines.

    Typical dross that you find on many spanking sites these days. I stopped the rebilling on my membership within around 20 minutes after joining. If you like fancy dress play spankings dished out by the same guy then sure go for it. But they are much better spanking sites out there than this rubbish. Avoid!

  • Comment by: Anonymous

    Score: 55% Date: 01/30/2015

    This site is one of the biggest jokes, when it comes to the quality of the spanking. I am not surprised, because aside from Northern Spanking, ANY site where you see Sarah Gregory is a site where the spanking will be nonsensically soft. The bum barely turns red because it is really just a mild tapping that is called a spanking. Even Zoe who is supposed to be some great spanking mistress had more than one spanking performance that was just a joke. It is sad, because a lot of the girls are extremely sexy, with lovely bodies, like Kami, and especially Jasmine, but as usual, the trend with these modern day spankings sites, is that once the girls are sexy and high quality, the spanking is in almost all cases, mild, minor and pathetically soft. This site has the same soft quality of 'spankings' that you find on ALL the Clare Fonda spanking sites. Sure you will find some interesting storylines, and some interesting positions and I give them credit for a lot of sexualized spanking and the sexual chemistry, and general sexiness of the situations. And many of the girls have sensational butts. But this only makes it so much more frustrating and annoying when they simply tap gently, and call it spanking. Conclusion - If you want to watch sexy girls and sexy bodies and see sexy scenes, and you do NOT CARE about spanking quality, then this site is for you. But if you are like me, and you value hard, legitimate, intense spanking, then stay very, very from this site, or you will die of frustration.

  • Comment by: RunTLC

    Score: 85% Date: 08/18/2014

    Just finished a membership and loved the quality of the HD films. Lovely girls, some I hadn't seen before getting spanked. I came here because of one model Sarah Gregory who features a lot at this site, I since discovered she is the partner of the guy who runs AAA so glad to say the stuff is much more intimate which I like to watch.
    Can't think of real cons, maybe update new clips in MP4 too rather than just wmv and wait for full films, which arrive quickly anyway so not too bothered.

  • Comment by: Kelvin

    Score: 90% Date: 06/07/2014

    Just wanted to say I am more than satisfied with what I have viewed and downloaded so far. I wanted to see Kami and her films here are fantastic, way better than at the other sites Ive downloaded her from and in much better quality to. The birching and monster punishment films were certainly not slap and tickle. I dont get why others would say that the films are. Site design is a little old but not unattractive or misleading (one site I got lost in their member area section which was most annoying). This member area was easy as pie to find everything I wanted quickly and am still downloading heaps, theres lots to view and its alot cheaper than many sites Ive paid for recently. I sometimes wonder why people get so cross, I paid £16 for the month, (about 25 Dollars?) that is hardly extortionate and wish I had taken the 3 month option instead. I see people so over critical sometimes that I felt compelled to say I am enjoying the site and the spankings are as real as anywhere. In fact, I just downloaded the Adriana Evans cheerleader film, ouch! Another reason I joined, they have more cheer and school type films than most other sites and this is my thing I love the most, apart from Kami Robertson.

  • Comment by: Hal

    Score: 35% Date: 06/06/2014

    I can get entry to many sites spanking and such like and have joined quite a few. Gotta say this one aint for me. Movies are ok but not really serious punishment video material. Plus they use loads of the same old models we seen a 1000 times. Seems old fashioned with how to use the members area. No functions like other sites do. Story lines are not realistic but quality of the vids view wise are ok. They are much better sites for less dollars imho.

  • Comment by: Jonno

    Score: 55% Date: 06/02/2014

    Not bad but pricey when buying in pounds. Videos seem to be more slap and tickle rather than hard punishment. I am not sure the site is worth the money and they are bigger spank sites out in web land that charge less and update more. Not really for me sorry.

  • Comment by: John Osborne

    Score: 100% Date: 05/30/2014

    Thanks for the kind review: We have addressed the major issue yoru reviewer had with the Home Members Page appearing a little cluttered and it now has far less to distract newbies and enables everyone to find and choose what they want quickly! We welcomed the feedback so we can make our site better. We still don't support flash or embedded players, we polled our members and blog readers a few times and got a mixed response so prefer to let members download the HD movie files to their devices for personal playback offline for keeps.
    I have also started to link all our video images and such to the movie updates and movie pages so they link together. When I have time I will try to ensure all out near 200 films (at the time of writing this) have the same thing - this makes sense... as suggested, of course.

    I know our members area is still very easy to navigate so trust that the latest changes will make the member experience even more transparent and enjoyable!

    Unlike some sites that we think have an artifically "high score" from old reviews and who do not want new ones as we know they will suffer, we are always open to inspection anytime and welcome that :)

    Kindest regards,
    John (webmaster at AAA Spanking)

  • Comment by: MrTawse

    Score: 100% Date: 04/29/2014

    I had no idea about this site from England and took a chance based on your review and am so glad I did. This is a hidden gem of a site that has fantastic girls, great punishments and a bonus for me, some good humiliating positions and storylines.
    The film quality was surprisngly good, I have been to some spanking sites and I really don't want to see anything in 640x480 on my 23" Mac monitor anymore!!! They have films that show in full 1920x1080.
    No real cons so far, maybe could do with a search function for style of punishment or implement but it isn't that important to me as I was able to find everything I wanted by the model index. Anyway that was my bit on this great little site, some of their latest stuff I have seen is just amazing. Fun, sadistic and pervy all rolled into one!