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Will Peters

By: Will Peters
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Shirtless Facebook profile pic? If you're straight I have to say that a lot of chicks find that douche-baggy and if you're gay, you may be reaching your target market, but you're casting too wide a net. Besides, any new friends you might amass are going to want to see a dick pic anyway and that ain't going to fly over on the FB. So I think Daddy Swap might just be the ideal social networking solution for you.

After all, do you really want that prim and proper lady down in HR to see your nipples on a mainstream social networking site while she's doing that routine background check for that new job? Now, if your new male boss finds your profile on DaddySwap, you might just be headed for a promotion! Well, least of all you might get laid or find out that he's also a fan of older men, especially big and hairy ones.

Yes, this site is part user-submitted porn and part sex-dating site. What tips the scale really is that you're not required to get involved in the hook-up side of things. You can be a silent member who is just there to ogle naked amateurs - and when I say "naked" I mean the whole damn shebang. You're seeing cocks (flaccid and erect), balls (both shaved and shaggy) and closeups of dude's assholes.

You will also see masturbation and hardcore sex (mostly of the gay variety), with many such scenes ending in cumshots. Oh, and unlike a lot of so-called user-submitted porn sites, the smut here appears to be the real deal. You won't see the usual gay amateur suspects who appear on so many sites that they might as well be called pornstars at this point.

No, you're not seeing the 1,545 streaming-only videos padded out with nonexclusive professionally produced gay porn. Sure, the quality tends to be good, but you will definitely see vids that are below average in quality. The site's administration approves all uploads and so if it's discovered that you've uploaded any content that is not self-shot then you get banned.

There aren't any photo sets in the typical sense. You see, not all members post pics and those who do may have shots that get split into subsets. So for simplicity's sake, let's simply say that there are 59 categories of photos and count those as the sets, keeping in mind that they can contain well over 10,000 images in several cases.

You can save your favorites and there is an advanced search. Also, if you're browsing by galleries (the list mixes both photo and video content) sometimes you will find a link to the poster's profile, making it easy to find similar material from him. Sometimes there isn't a link, but, as explained before, you can be a member without fully completing your profile.

You can also upload your own content to earn credits that allow you to see photos before you're a paid member. Saving them as your favorites will allow you to check them out online again and again without using up more credits. If you upload a video that passes muster (two minutes in length and decent enough quality) then you could earn up to seven days of full access to the site.

However, you can always simply take the quickest and easiest route and sign up for a paid membership. And why wouldn't you? Especially when you consider that new content is added very frequently and the already reasonably priced membership decreases further for each of the first nine rebills until you're paying just $10 a month.

Overall, I think that whether you're hoping to hook up or just want to get off on some genuinely amateur porn, Daddy Swap delivers your money's worth.

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