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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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Let's face it, all the good adult website names are taken. The puns and the catchy ones are all used up so it is hard for a new site come up with a name. Which brings us to the oft used device of just throwing in a bunch of good search words that make at least a little sense when put together. Welcome to Anal Milfs Latinas. When you first read it it seems to make sense and then the more you look at it the more it feels like just three keywords thrown together. The good news is that that no matter what you think of the name, it is a site worth joining.

I like Milfs, I like Latinas and I am also a fan of anal sex so I was pretty sure that I was going to recommend AnalMILFLatinas even as I was typing the URL into my address bar. Then I noticed that the membership fee was really low and I knew that they were really going to have to screw this up not to get a positive review. Thankfully, they did a little better than that.

Content is amateur Latina stuff. According to the site these are real Latina women and moms who are getting their butts banged by guys who are not their husbands. This isn't however "reality" content. Instead they are like bad little movies, with poor acting, cheap sets, and lots of ass fucking. You know when you are flipping channels and you land on those Latina soap operas? Well, think that with anal sex and money shots.

What impressed me right away was that even though the sound quality is mediocre and the production value is nil the quality of the downloadable Windows Media videos was actually good. It did vary and I must have seen at least three different quality numbers, but overall they were all watchable and some were even better than that.

Anal Milfs Latinas isn't a perfect site by all means. I would have liked to have seen a more standard quality across all the episodes, the ability to download the entire scene in one shot instead of in little clips and updating more than every month or two. However, I do appreciate a site that recognizes it is a low-budget amateur site and prices its membership fee accordingly, and best off all offers members access to four other hardcore Latina sites all for that same low price: Street Fuckers, Butts Of Brazil, Valescas World and Suckers And Strange Cocks.

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