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A.K. Anderson

By: A.K. Anderson
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I find it a little annoying when sites look to be thrown together and then are given a name that obviously has nothing to do with the content. Virgin Paradise is one such site. However, I can forgive these sites if they end up giving me good-quality content and lots of it. Unfortunately, this one isn't one of those.

As far as the content goes, there is nothing wrong with what you get on VirginParadise, it's just that it has nothing to do with virgins. The sign-in page makes big statements about the hidden desires of a chick's soul and how these coeds go from shy virgins to natural born fuckers. Nevertheless, once you are inside, this is just a generic porn site. But that isn't its biggest problem.

While this is primarily a photo site, there are three videos thrown in. Two are masturbation scenes and one is a sex scene. They are downloadable in below-average-quality AVI files. Just in case you were still curious about the virgins-turning-into-nymphos thing, all the scenes I saw (pictures and videos) either started off with nudity or took very little time getting there, so I guess all the "turning" happens before the scenes start. Now we come to the heart of the site - the pictures.

There are three picture categories: softcore, hardcore and lesbian, giving you a total of 581 photo sets. The sets mostly contain high-res pics and those that don't still have images that come close to that mark. With so many sets, it's too bad you don't get any Zip files.

Your membership also comes with nine bonus sites, including the likes of On Moms, Nylon Passion, They Drunk, Erotic Nymphets, Bondage Vacation, Private Porn Video and Illustrated XXX Stories. These sites aren't just photo sites and have more videos throughout. As you can see, the sites cover a nice variety of hardcore and fetish categories, so as an overall porn experience it is actually pretty good.

However, when considered alone, Virgin Paradise ends up disappointing in the virgin category and will only be considered some kind of paradise for those looking for picture sets. Oh yeah, they haven't updated in almost three years, so take that into consideration as well.


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