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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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My parents didn't believe in corporal punishment, so I maybe received two spankings the entire time I was growing up. Maybe that's why sometimes I crave a good spanking, although with age, I also crave giving one to someone else. And who better to receive the wrath of my hand than some cocky hetero boy? Straight Lads Spanked lets me live out that very fantasy minus the threat of a black eye or a restraining order.

Who do we have to thank for StraightLadsSpanked? Well, truth be told that remains a bit of a mystery, because the man behind this site appears in a balaclava. If you're wondering why I used the British English term for ski mask, it's because surprise, surprise, all the men here hail from the U.K. The Brits love their punishment and apparently straight dudes there will agree to bare bum spanking from an older man.

I believe that you'll find 68 videos, because although some scenes come in two or more clips, I've done my best to only count complete movies. There aren't any photos, but you can expect high-def playback from some vids (though many are average in quality). You can't necessarily judge based on when a movie was posted what its playback will be like. It seems you'll get something new each week.

I've said if before, but it bears repeating again when I feast my eyes on the young gents gracing the pages of this collection: British dudes are extremely hot! There's just something about a pale white ass (or arse as they say over there) with a pair of taut cheeks turned rosy that makes me feel positively lightheaded. Although guys from the U.K. can often be twinks, here you're seeing jocks, some a bit hairy all over, some with smooth chests (often still with furry legs).

Now, if you're looking for straight up spanking without any wanking or any kind of gay sex thrown in then you'll love the selection of scenes here that really respect the purity of the site's spanking fetish theme. They do involve roleplaying scenarios in some cases, although sometimes the premise is making money or having a kind of spank-off contest to see who's manly enough to take a good butt smacking.

Ideally, I'd love to see all the flicks be consistent in quality, especially considering that some come in HD. However, you're getting exclusive content that respects any spanker's pure love of asses getting whacked without needing to embellish with other kinds of action. So with that in mind, I'd say Straight Lads Spanked is worth joining despite the varying video playback stats. Also note that if you sign up for the monthly membership, you're limited to one download every 48 hours.

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  • Comment by: tinhead

    Score: 90% Date: 06/13/2013

    I've been a member of this site pretty much since it started and it's really got the appeal of no other male/male spanking site out there.

    As well as beautiful straight men being spanked (hard) by the intriguing site owner Mr X (or Dave) you also get to see them spanking each other. Each scene besides the 'games' videos are well enacted and have the feeling of man-whupping-man for justice. The 'games' videos (like 'Twister' or 'Spank Jenga') show them as they really are - straight mates who have a connection with (and introduce each other to) the site and its vocally adoring audience. Just look at the comments on the site itself - it's free!

    And besides the muscle, testosterone and firm arse-cheeks of these guys you also get to see them as real lads with lives and girlfriends and a really good bond with site-owner Mr X.

    As a reviewer I am encouraged to include a little of the negative. I'm afraid I'm really going to have to 'scrape the barrel' then as I have few crticisms...

    There are no photosets. But I imagine you could pause the video if still images are your thing.

    As for the customer service, he did once take less than 25 minutes to reply to an email. Which is disgusting because as we all know, he should have taken a week to reply (in Latvian), or not replied at all.

    Buy the longer period subscription to this site and keep it! You will get the whole collection of beautiful straightladsspanked videos on your hard drive and this will make you very happy indeed.

    Over and out!