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Updated on: 06/22/2015

Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Since we last visited VIPMembers...

  • Although most of the sites don't appear to be updating at this point, there about 700 more videos throughout the network.
  • The site's been redesigned and the biggest change is that now you scroll down the page to load more content rather than using numbered page links.

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I think I'm a very important person, so VIP Members seems like a site I need to be a part of. I'm sure you feel the same way about yourself and are also intrigued by a sitename that seemingly is talking directly to you. So let's see what you get.

When you sign into VIPMembers you're presented with the most recent content from all the sites in the network. You can use the dropdown menu at the top to get to a specific site or browse all the content from across the network using the "updates" tab and from there you can choose pictures, videos or both. The site's been redesigned, so rather than browsing hundreds of numbered pages, more content loads when you reach the bottom of the page.

Some of the scenes also have keyword tags that will let you do some filtering should you come across a niche/category you want more of right away. Each scene also lets you post a comment, rate it on a 5-star scale and add it to your favorites. There are some sorting options as well. Now for some of the sites you get access to.

One of them is called Biohazard Bitches, which used to put babes into hardcore scenarios in bathroom settings. However, they moved away from that theme long ago and now are more interested in general hardcore porn with a focus on anal sex. If you check out Biohazard Uncensored, though, that's where you'll find the hot chicks licking toilet bowls, getting fucked and gagging on cock showed down their throats.

Then you have Lactalia, one of two pregnant sites on the network. There are also multiple smoking sites, one of which is Smoking Mina. And don't forget to watch some tattooed hotties in action, like on Suicide Scarlett and Inked Andi.

On the one hand, some of the sites go the solo and sexy route with the chicks stripping and teasing without getting too hardcore. On the other hand, other sites get very hardcore and rough, putting the girls through a sexual experience that leaves them exhausted, with makeup running down their face. As you can tell there's definitely some variety here, but most focus on fetishes.

Some of the sites are very small, but overall you'll find 3,505 videos and about 3,000 photo sets throughout the mega-site (since some of the sets are vid caps it's hard to get a more precise number of galleries). The video quality isn't exactly the same on every site, but the newer videos often come in HD or even Full HD. Many of the older ones give you good-quality playback, but the very oldest can be average or lower.

It seems as though the last update to the network was about two weeks ago and it was on one of the few sites that's actually still updating. Most haven't updated in years. Still, VIP Member has a large amount of content and some of it is quite high in quality, so it's worth a look.

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