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Updated on: 05/28/2016

Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
Number of Reviews: 1384
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Since we last visited ShackledMaidens...

  • There are 27 fewer videos, but the video section is being worked on and they're reformatting some of the footage.
  • The photo section has only grown by 19 sets despite ongoing daily updates so some of the older material may get replaced with new content.
  • The design was tweaked a bit, but it's still dark and not very appealing.

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This site is scored on its photo content—not videos!
Shackled Maidens combines photography with BDSM and fetish themes. Most of the images show the girl on her own, but I saw at least one spread with two women. The emphasis is definitely on bondage as an artful expression rather than raunchy debauchery and everything is very classy.

I praise ShackledMaidens for knowing that photos are best taken by professional photographers and the site currently has 719 sets of superb high-res pictures. Some sessions are quite artistic, while others have an almost campy quality, with the girls posing too stiffly and overly complex lighting. You're able to save them in Zip files and there are both black and white and color pictorials.

There are also 20 videos and most of them are in a Windows Media format, with a few in MP4s. Some offer great-quality playback and others are presented in HD, but you'll also come across good-quality ones. There are 27 fewer videos this visit, but there's a note that they're re-formatting them and working on that section. I was surprised by how much I liked such short, slightly overacted movies. Somehow, a campy well-done-up woman pretending to squirm and writhe in pain is more erotic than if the acting was more convincing.

Getting around the site is very easy. You can access the pics and vids from the menu at the top and you can also check out the model's page and explore the different devices used on them. The members' forum continues to be active and you'll find a section for members' requests, though it hasn't seen any action for the last couple of years or so. The design does need work though. It's dated-looking and very dark.

New photos get added to the site almost every day, but it hasn't grown that much since our last visit. It's possible they remove some of the older content with each update. The most recent video is dated from October 2014, but as I explained earlier, the video section is in a state of flux.

The cost of a monthly membership to Shackled Maidens is pretty reasonable and it becomes even cheaper if you stick around for more than a month. There's a good amount of galleries on the site and if you like images of babes in medieval bondage, you might want to sign up.

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  • Comment by: Tom

    Score: 70% Date: 05/14/2011

    The unique, heavy restraints set this site apart. The photography and model are great and there is variety, some nude and some lingerie shots.

    Most images (even recent ones) seem to be a bit small (1000pix) and only the most recent ones are zipped. That is a real pain. There are also a lot of broken links.

    The big problem though is that there haven't been any updates for over a month. How can a site justify automatic rebilling if there are no updates?

    Overall, worth the money as a one-off, but I wouldn't join again.