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Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
Number of Reviews: 1120
Average Score: 64

The people at West Coast Productions refer to themselves as leaders in "urban adult entertainment" and on WCP Club you can see why. Their site brings you some sizzling ethnic content and anyone with a taste for hardcore porn is sure to love it.

WCPClub is a good-looking site and it's easy to navigate, with 745 videos at the moment. Each is represented by a thumbnail that gives you an idea of what it's about and what kind of performers it has.

Though the scenes do provide you with lots of black-on-black sex, there's plenty of interracial action to be enjoyed as well. You can watch a white babe with a big booty take a huge black cock in her ass and then catch a flick in which an ebony hottie gets fucked good and hard by some white stud. The films are all hardcore and tend to run for about 30 minutes.

Each can be streamed through an embedded player and you're welcome to save your favorites as MP4s. Many movies come in HD and a growing number are even in Full HD. Even those that aren't still offer good-quality playback, so the videos are fairly impressive.

There are also about 200 photo sets scattered among the more recent updates. Use keywords to find similar porn and let others know what you think by rating the scenes and leaving comments. You also have some sorting options.

The Stiffia network is made up of this and 19 other sites and you can purchase any at a discounted price. Lust Cinema and Filthy And Fisting are some that might entice you to open your wallet. However, if you're patient and remain a member long-term, every 32 days you will have the right to lay claim to another site in the network.

The main content isn't dated, but you can filter it so that you only see what was added within the last week, the last month or the last year. Using the monthly filter shows me that 23 new scenes have been added in the last 30 days. Five of them are from the last seven days.

Though not perfect, WCP Club is a good site and an excellent source for hardcore porn. It's only getting better and it's already pretty great, so go ahead and get yourself a membership.

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Latest Comments

  • Comment by: M.D

    Score: 30% Date: 01/29/2015

    Pro: Videos in Good Quality

    Con: Site very unresponsive (Januar 2015), tested it at multiple days,
    it was very slow to navigate and i had to login every other time ,because the site was logging me out.

    Not that much really exciting stuff to find here.

  • Comment by: mick

    Score: N/A Date: 03/26/2014

    this must be the worst site can not download anything

  • Comment by: chaos789

    Score: 65% Date: 04/29/2013

    Disappointed with amount of available titles (65) which translates to 364 scenes, some of which are BTS (those are not scenes to me but it is what it is). Had similar problems downloading scenes, customer service kept telling me that DLs worked but never provided a concrete solution. For those having similar problems, I found that Option-Click (using a MAC) worked. Site updates five times a week mon-fri. Newer updates, but not all are in HD which are reasonable size (even the 1080p aren't a ridiculous 1-2gb like you'll find on other sites).

    Pros: Good HD scenes that wont eat up your memory. Nice assortment of beautiful ladies.

    Cons: Limited titles available (65). No live customer service assistance. Behind The Scenes were created as DVD filler, they are not true scenes, and shouldn't be made out to be scenes. No Photos just screen caps.

    My score at the begin of this review was a 75 but as I wrote this I decided that I was giving WCP Club to much credit. The lack of titles, limited customer service just doesn't do it for me. I thank rabbits reviews for providing a discounted rate for this site because its not worth $29.95.

    (WCP Club open up your catalog! Other sites have done a "update dump" of titles and scenes which assist in keeping and obtaining subscribers. You would be wise to follow suit. 65 titles is a pathetic number for a studio with the history and catalog that you have.)

  • Comment by: travis

    Score: 20% Date: 04/04/2013

    absolutely unacceptable website, worst experience of a site in a long time. YOU CAN'T DOWNLOAD ANYTHING

    Pros--- The customer service dept got to you fairly quickly right away

    Cons- problem is they don't resolve problem, yet tell you that it's resolved, your case is closed andd so you have to keep contacting them.

    The site has good material but if you advertise being able to download material than it should work, it never did, yet they keep telling me it's working. Never going back again

  • Comment by: joe price

    Score: 75% Date: 11/13/2012

    Some what happy with this site, but was expecting more. West Coast has a long histroy in black and interracial porn, so once I seen a website from them I had to join. I have been a long term viewier of WCP, and was hoping more for the older videos from my youth. The booty talk videos the most. To my surprise they were not there.

    Pros: good new quality videos, many of the hot new black porn stars, update daily

    Cons: not enough content based on the amount of WCP videos out there.

  • Comment by: scubb_b_du

    Score: 50% Date: 10/30/2012

    Very dissappointed with website. This ethnic themed company has been around for a long time, and this site is the best that it can do?nnPros-Black women featured from a good company in a good(for porn)light. Videos are of better than average quality.

    Cons-not enough space to mention, but I will try: A very limited video library for a company that is close to 20 years old. Lack of zip files with photos. Poor labeling labeling of video files. Misleading website tour; meaning you cannot investigate total library before purchase. Cost to content ration is not balanced, the monthly fee is too high compared to what is available through the site.

    Conclusion-Wait for a discount or until West Coast decides to release the Kraken/open their complete library for download.