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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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I'm not sure if the name Hell Fire Sex is meant to imply that the stuff on the site is what sex would be like in hell. Maybe, the stuff they're doing is so sinful that they're all going to hell in a hand basket because of it. Either way, this is definitely one nasty, hardcore site. It's just too bad that the content is no longer being updated. Perhaps someone really did fear being struck down by a bolt of lightning from above.

On HellFireSex, women subject themselves to rude and crude treatment. They're there to be used, abused and do whatever they're told, but they all seem to enjoy it, so it's only in good (or wicked) fun. You can check it out in the 78 videos for starters. They come in Windows Media format and MPEGs that are good quality. The only thing missing are full-length files.

These gals are called every nasty name in the book. They're forced to gag on schlong for so long that they can hardly breathe. Then they're smacked around until red and stuffed in every hole by stiff poles. Finally, they're fed cum either directly from the head of a throbbing dick, off of the floor or out of some other chick's butt. This sex could never be mistaken for love-making.

There are 72 photo sets with medium-res images. You can see them in an automatic slideshow, which is handy since there are almost 400 pics in each set. No, the photos aren't high-res, but they do a good job at capturing some candid expressions. For example, you can see a chick's eyes swell with tears and her lips grimace from the sheer intensity of having a dick shoved down her throat. That's one pic worth a thousand words.

You get 53 full-access bonus sites, including White Meat On Black Street, Double Diper, Blowjob Quickies, Anal Lick Fest and Cock Brutality. Some sites have overlapping scenes, but there are plenty more vids that you won't see replicated. There is an extra DVD section, but the links inside it are broken. Hell Fire Sex is a great hardcore site despite the lack of updates. 

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  • Comment by: Z

    Score: 90% Date: 05/12/2009

    This site has some really great fake bondage going on....there is usually one broad being bossed and yelled at by another hot broad, who is also telling the guy what to do. If you like bitchy women getting fucked and kinky, this site is good. Good part of the meatmembers package.

  • Comment by: dart

    Score: 80% Date: 08/23/2008

    Try my opinion the best megaupload search engine ever.